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  • @_lexva_

    Simply is one of the BEST directors I've ever had! She is so kind, helpful, and VERY patient! She directed an entire series, BY HERSELF! She wrote the scripts, found the voice actor, body actors, and even builders! ALL BY HERSELF! She puts SO much work into her projects! She's hilarious and so fun to talk to! Simply, you really are an amazing director, even the best I'd say! <3

  • @csr-creations

    Simplymiprii is both very sweet and very passionate. They put so much work, time, effort, and organization into their project. Very professional and consistent about their work as well. I'd love to work with them again if they ever need me.

  • @royalwofcat

    well truthfullly i do not realy know her but i do know she is soooooo kind!