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About Cristina21

Hi I’m Cristina21, I love to do voice overs, some people tell me I have a good voice, also i like to some impressions. I watch cartoons , anime, movies and like to sing some of the songs.

  • @ilovemydog2244

    I think that she has worked very hard to get to where she is today.

  • @daveception

    Cristina is a nice person to work with. She works hard and puts a lot of effort into her voice work.

  • @thegreatjuliesofficial

    She is one of my closest friend and one a sister to me, she is one of the awesome people I ever met online for a century, she is an awesome person to get along with and work production over with voice acts and such stuff.. She is the best person she is! And the good helper.

  • @thea-solone

    Cristina is quite the up and coming talent. We have worked on several Disney Princess comic dubs together, and it’s a joy to work with another Disney fan, and a great gift to voice Aurora and Cinderella for her. It is a joy to see her voice over skills grow so quickly and I look forward to plenty more adventures together. Cristina is highly passionate about her work, and as a director and editor, she gets things done in a professional and timely manner. As a voice actor, Cristina possesses great energy, clear enunciation, and appropriate emoting for each role! Cristina is a wonderful person to work with, and her work ethic is one for the history books! I highly recommend her!

  • @questathana

    Did great!

  • @questathana

    Did great!

  • @kiirby-mariee

    Cristina is a great voice actor to work with. She's responsible and very kind. She can do different voices and does a great job performing them. She is the kind of person who really pours her heart, soul and passion into any of these projects and I'm sure she'll improve over time and become a great voice actor. I highly recommend her!

  • @checkmate_official_cast

    She's such a great actress. I enjoyed the conversations and love the dedication she puts into my project. Please hire her if you come across her.

  • @lady-theta

    Cristina21 is wonderful to work with.  She is very respectful and patient. Cristina21 always answered any questions regarding the roles. She makes sure to keep me updated if there was any changes to the project. I’d be happy to voice future roles for Cristina21 and I proudly recommend her.

  • @ross-k

    I was a voice actor on one of Cristina's motion comic Disney videos. Fast turnaround, super easy to work for, keeps you updated on release, and a good editor/artist. A positive experience.

  • @aiechidna

    Worked really hard and got her lines done in a day. Hella impressed, great voice actor, would definitely recommend.

  • @yugogaminghd

    Cristina is such a wonderful talented person. She was in one of my manga dub videos and works really hard on her voice acting. Her lines and voice deliveries are perfect and I highly recommend you checking her out.

  • @iflfan

    yeah definitely

  • @BlueBerrySussy485

    Cristina is the voice of Papa Madrigal on my Encanto series. I just love how caring her voice is and she sounds almost just like the character in the award winning movie! Can't wait to hear more lines from her in episode 3!

  • @seraphimva

    She's a great voice actress you should definitely hire! She was great in my FNAF comic dub, you should definitely hire her.

  • @the-dueling-express

    A most excellent voice actress who I'm most eager to have on my team (currently voicing a minor role for my series). 

  • @Flowers_from_Daisy_Studios

    It was fun working with her^^ I hope to work with her again on future projects^^

  • @gadget-boy

    Cristina is a voice actress in my video game project Virtue Festival.  She's plays her role so well and takes instructions carefully. She's kind, funny, and active. Can't wait to keep working with her!

  • @Artschano

    Cristina os a very talented voice actress. I could work some time during an anime youtube channel. And I was ver amazed by her job and versatility.

  • @cicicat201

    total cool friends with me