The KaibaCorp Express

The KaibaCorp Express

A friendly guy trying to get this main project, Islandside Adventures, off the ground. Will do most voice work for free, if it piques my interest, but am considering starting to do some voice work that involves payment in the near future.

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About The KaibaCorp Express

This is my second Casting Call Club account, as I'm unable to delete or update any expired projects on my first account.

Name: Reuben

Age: 33

 my YouTube account:

Lives: Fall River Mills, CA (for now)

Email: Can be found on my YouTube account

First Casting Call account :

Third Casting Call Club account :

  • @evo_masterplays

    come and talk to me next time.

  • @robomon

    Can you help me find some people to voice April, Kairi& Adagio?

  • @seraphimva

    Hey, thanks for following me back! You're the best person ever!

  • @thea-solone

    Dueling Express is quite an individual, not just a gifted creator and voice actor in their own right, but a kind and generous person. Dueling is one who is always willing to take time out of their own day to congratulate their peers on their casting victories. You don't see this kind of support and kindness every day. Such traits are rare and valuable, and Dueling Express deserves every success that should ever come their way.

  • @davidcookblacklion

    If I had to pick one word to represent The Dueling Express it would be Amazing...Takes out time to be supportive and encouraging!
    A truly unique and gifted individual...oh that there were more Folks in the world like The Dueling Express...we would be in a Utopia