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About Checkmate official

Welcome to the Checkmate Casting Center. This is where anyone can apply for any roles in the Checkmate Series or any projects that the creator's making. This is made by creator, Angel Orr and More.


  • Director (self-taught)

  • Producer (self-taught)

  • Art (mostly self-taught)

  • Voice acting (self-taught)

  • Writing (learned from my High School English teacher)

  • Video editing (self-taught)


No need to pay us anything. Submissions are free. Donations are welcome.

  • Rules/Expectations:

  1. No NSFW works (I will decline the offer)

  2. Depending on the length of the project, it may be finished later than anticipated.

  3. LGBTQ friendly

What Checkmate official is looking for

Checkmate's New Life: A spin-off to Checkmate: Adventures and Misadventures to the other world. It's the life of the now rebranded Checkmate Six after the long adventure to defeat Dr. E.

  • @cristina21

    She is an amazing VA and a wonderful director. it is a pleasure working with her, and talking with her. 

  • @devil-slayer-dante

    Very active with the voice actors and engaging, open to interpretation. Follows through on projects, would work with her again if given the chance