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About StarfireSeraphim

Hey there. I'm StarfireSeraphim, a voice actor, editor, animator, writer, and professional introvert. I've been doing this ever since March 2020 and never stopped since. People might know me for my comic dubs on YouTube, and if you're one of them, you're a cool guy. I'm working on multiple projects both by myself and with a small team of other voice actors and editor. I'm always willing to take risks and try something new for a change. If you need anything, let me know.

My Discord is starfireseraphim.

My resume, if anyone needs it:

What StarfireSeraphim is looking for

I will accept any projects, EXCEPT:

  • Minecraft roleplays

  • Gacha Life series

  • 18+/NSFW

And that's about it.

  • @deleted298713

    InkGaming is very good at expressing feelings. He also can have many different types of characters including romanitic, chaotic, goofy, etc.

  • @ochikondeiru

    I received an audition from InkGaming on one of my projects, and I gotta say. DAMN, THIS GUY CAN CONVEY EMOTION PERFECTLY! Just what I was looking for, and could be what you're looking for too.

  • @deleted396586


  • @tiff

    StarfireSeraphim edited a comic dub video of mine and I must say I'm very pleased with the results! He's great at pacing, adding fitting transitions and overall provides a smooth looking video result. Provides a very fitting editing style for comic dubs!

  • @aleonardo123

    Seraphim voiced a character on a short film I made. While he wasn't originally meant to voice them, his voice fit them so well I asked him to switch roles and he absolutely nailed it! 

  • @smashmaster

    StarfireSeraphim gave a phenomenal performace as Sect Ijuin for my Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Manga Dub. He has a great range and emotion. He has also voices Umbra for Versus XIII and a few extras for my manga dubs. He is an awesome guy to work with. Hire this man!

  • @CaseyLCovel

    StarfireSeraphim generously offered me a role in a DeltaRune comic dub, and was such a pleasure to work with! All my questions were answered, with a quick turnaround on script delivery and project production from the director. Before I knew it, my recorded lines had already been implemented into a video on StarfireSeraphim's YouTube channel! It was a pleasure to be a part of StarfireSeraphim's project, and I would love to collaborate in the future!