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About GadgetVA

Heya Gadget Here! I am an inspiring actor/singer who's ready any kind of role that entertain people and make them laugh. Someone who moves and act like an animated character, but can also be a supporting friend. Need me for a project, check out my Discord: .gadgetboy

Acting Resume:


Negotiation can be met if you DM me wanting to hire me. Will only audition on my own for non-paying roles. 

What GadgetVA is looking for

Animation, Video Game, Fan or Original Work

  • @ellaejrhee

    Gadget brings a lot of enthusiasm to his projects! I have the pleasure of being a voice actress for his up and coming game and a music video, and I have been impressed by his organisation and clarity. Looking forward to keep working with him!

  • @cristina21

    Gadget Boy is a wonderful person to do projects with. I voiced a few characters for him and I have to say working with him is a pleasure 

  • @dandanyesdy

    Gadget's voice acting is really amazing! He's super uplifting as person and will also communicate along the project.

  • @Neko-Venture

    I have done multiple projects with Gadget, and he’s super talented and a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend him!