Hello! My Name is Nora but a lot of people on the internet call me Cookie or Doll. I'm a voice actress who's been doing voice over for projects for 3 years now. I do mostly Video games, Animations, and comic dubs voice overs. I can bring characters to life and mimic voices from video games and anima

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About DollFace

Name: Nora

Age: 20 yrs.

Hobbies: VA, Drawing, writing

Other: My goal is to upgrade and strengthen my skills in VA!

If you have any questions for me, feel free to DM me!


Voice acting:

- Volunteer work (Free)

- Paid Work 30$-50$

Character design:

- Head shot: 20$

- Half Body: 30$

- Full body: 40$

- Any extra character would be an extra 10$

- Any NSFW Art would be an extra 10$

Script Writing:

- A small script can be either free if it's a volunteer project or 20$ if it was a paid project

- A big script is 30$

What DollFace is looking for

Taking my voice acting skills to a larger industry or production to turn my work into professional work.

  • @jtdaddy17

    Nora is such a sweet person with amazing range! Full of talent and to me, she's a very caring friend! I'm proud to have her in my team!

  • @deleted785348

    DAYCARE ENTRY PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw she is great at impressions

  • @mbarragan

    Having had the privilege of working with Nora for three months (as of writing) I can confidently say that she is an exceptional and professional person who brings openness, kindness, and understanding to every interaction.

    I have had the pleasure of contributing my voice to one of Nora's personal projects, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing. Nora's leadership style is characterized by a perfect blend of professionalism and approachability. Nora excels in her role as a leader; she brings a high level of organization, understanding, and finesse to managing what her project needs.

    Moreover, collaborating with Nora on various projects has been a joy. Her talent as a voice actor is beyond compare, and her ability to bring characters to life through her recordings is truly commendable. Nora's commitment to her craft is apparent, and her professionalism radiates in all aspects of her work.

    If I were to use just one word to describe working with Nora, it would undoubtedly be "Fantastic." Her positive attitude, leadership skills, and exceptional voice-acting abilities make her a NEED for any project. I wholeheartedly recommend Nora for any voice acting opportunity, confident that her contributions will bring not only life but personality to your project. 

  • @joceyb23

    Nora is so, so talented! From her great voice work to being a fellow director who I admire a lot, Nora is absolutely one of the most dedicated people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She always gets her lines in quickly, and she puts so much personality into them. Nora overall is just very easy to talk to and has a great vibe. I know she’ll be an incredible asset to anything she works on.

  • @T_Tardzer

    Nora was kind enough to lend her amazing talent to our project.

    She has an amazing range of voices and our team would be honored to work with her again.