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About BrooklynDizzy

HI, I'm Brooklyn!

I'm 25 years old and have been practising voice overs since 2015. 

I like doing roles with lots of energy, and I'm more comfortable voicing male characters that have medium or higher pitched voices.

I also can do female and androgynous voices as well.

I also like doing lots of different accents too!  

Oh, and I sing too!

If you need my discord or email, just let me know! 

  • @ladyusagi

    BrooklynDizzy is a very friendly and amazing individual. I worked with them around 2017 on Project X Zone Prologue 3 English Fandub for Kaguya under a different username on this site. I highly recommend this user!

  • @thea-solone

    "It was a GREAT honor to provide the voice of NIGHTS from "Nights Into Dreams" for Brooklyndizzy's project! A voice talent in his own right Brooklyndizzy is kind, polite, and perfectly professional as a director, and provides not only a quick response but friendly conversation as well! Anytime you see Brooklyn post a project, or even place an audition, be sure to check out his work! You will NOT be disappointed! I highly recommend him, and would always work with him again if the opportunity ever arose! 10/10!"

  • @lady-theta

    I meet Brooklyn in my first va audition group back in 2019 and after a change of plans, I was reached out and offered to audition for future projects by Brooklyn. Ever since than we have worked together on many great projects. Brooklyn gives excellent character direction, great feedback and I look forward in working with Brooklyn in the future, would definitely recommend!