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About TheHedgehogEngine

Hi my name is  (Hedge), I'm 27 and I'm aspiring filmmmaker. I do more directing more so than voice over but i've been inspired to do more as of late. I'm a nice guy once you get to know me, I have a passion for film/editing and I want to someday become a film producer or go into tv production wherever I end up. 

Here's my Youtube channel:

This is where I created my Smash Machinima series Brawl Universe and Remnants of Smash 

Follow that for more updates on my projects, voice clips and everything else! 

The Equipment & Software I use:

- Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (3rd Gen)

- Audio-Technica AT2020 & Scarlett Solo Microphone

- Rockville Rocksheild (Foam Shield) 

- Pop Filter

- Audacity

If you need to contact me, please do not hesitate to contact
me on here via email at [redacted] You can also contact me on my
Twitter or use my Discord at Hedge#0740. I don't normally check CCC for messages so those are the best places to reach me! 

Thanks for taking the time to read, I look forward to working with you all!

What TheHedgehogEngine is looking for

Original Projects, Audio Drama, Animation, Voice Overs, etc.

  • @meowthrocket

    He auditioned for Lee Everett... and it was like we were listening to the actual Dave Fennoy. This guys voice is seriously smooth and wonderful. I see good things in their future.

  • @somewhatheroicproductions

    How many reasons can I recommend Dashawn for any project you're working on? First, he's prompt. He was consistently the first to turn in lines before the due date, despite having one of the higher line counts in season two. Two, he's a positive influence to everyone on the project. He assisted in finding extras and was a positive spirit in the discord group page. Lastly, dude is mega talented. He was brilliantly sinister as the main villain, Dezember, in our Senyu fandub. As you may expect from all of that, I highly recommend Dashawn for any VO project you have.

  • @novacharles

    Now this, this, THIS is a real bro. Hedge is an absolutely awesome beast of a man. I've had the fortune of witnessing his ascent up the VO ladder: live dubs, fandubs, indie projects, and he's one of my few peers that I take special care to hear each and every piece of work from. I remember he was one of the first people to ever welcome me to a new project out of just sheer kindness.

    AND THAT'S WHAT I MEAN WHEN I SAY HE'S A BRO. This guy will listen to and be up with ANYTHING you throw at him. He's basically the epitome of someone making characters their own thing: he may make a character sound completely different, but his changes are almost always for the better. This and his strongly professional ethic make him simply one hell of a VA.

    Can I also mention this guy's comedic timing? Yeah, this chill mfer got a soundboard that manages to crack me in every which way whenever we're in group calls. I admire that he has such dedication to his friends even when getting some goddamn GOOD work. His skills are malleable into whatever you dare want of him: and honestly I aspire to be someone like him eventually, when my resources are up to par.

    Make the right choice: get this dude on your project PRONTO. Cause honestly on top of it all, he deserves it SO much.

  • @dcooper

    Working with Hedge these last couple of months. As the voice of Kazuya Mishima for my mugen video game has been awesome. He really brought the bad vibe of him to the game. He's a talented individual. I can see him playing villain characters.

  • @Dracanao

    Dashawn is one of the best voice actors I've known for a hot minute. His ranges and many projects I've seen him in still impress me to this day. If you ever get this man on board for projects, he is one of the kindest people outside of the workplace.