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About SunnyVO_

Hello and welcome to my profile!

Thank you for checking out my profile! I go by Sunny online, but you’re more than welcome to call me Summer or cloudy or whatever nickname you think suits me. If you want to know more about my vocal work, my specialties, or my abilities, keep reading! 

I found voice acting approximately half a year ago. As a child, I always loved being told a good story, whether it was a storybook or a short comic. I particularly loved reading picture books. I would bring the characters alive with my voice. Since then, I've partaken in many different plays and performances, and that directed me towards voiceover projects!
My voice range is regularly comprised of high, medium, or low. I have a wide variety of voices I can deliver, but I am most comfortable with medium or high tones. As for accents, I am able to do almost all accents, if there is an accent you have in mind, you're welcome to just inform me of it! If you would like to hear a demo reel, examples of my work, or any other, feel free to contact me below ^^


Discord- Sunny シ#2722

Email- Sunnyy.vo (

CCC- (I think you're already here)

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  • @aloe_

    Sunny is SUCH a talented and passionate voice actress. She’s super nice and really fun to work with <3 oh and did I mention if you cast her you’ll literally be SO impressed by how much effort and emotion goes into her voice work? you’ll thank me later~

  • @darling-donutcat

    sunny is such a joy to work with. From the time I have known her, she has been so nice and fun to be around. She is very good with emotions and i love working with her. Cast her you wont regret it ^^ <3

  • @sofialynnteresi

    Yo hi what's up Sunny B). Why does this girl only have three recommendations. THREE?! My god Sunny you are underrated. I was talking to Sunny and she friended me to just chat. She has the most amazingess personality along with the best voice. She is so sweet and poggers I just can't :sob:. I may have just met you a few days ago, but that doesn't stop me from loving your amazing personality. :)

  • @aloe_

    Sunny is DEFINITION of amazing. Obviously, I'm back to give her one more recommendation because she DESERVES IT. You should cast her. Like, she is amazing. I don't know how else to describe how awesome she is and how pretty her voice is? Trust me and cast her.

  • @mellowyt

    Sunny is an amazing voice actress! She's very kind and sweet, she deserves to be cast more! ilysm <3

  • @berri

    Sunny is a literal H.O.T.T.I.E <3

    Her voice is so unique and her range is literally out of this world 😳not gonna mention that her emotion is absolutely ASTRONOMICAL. On top of all of that, she is such a fun person and an amazing friend <3 if you see her audition for your project, there is literally no reason to not cast her, so go on, cast her already ;)

  • @deleted401181

    Sunny is just such a great person. Seriously. Her personality is bright and fun to work with, and she's able to get her lines done on time and efficiently. Her voice work is flawless; with so much emotion, it's unbelievable how realistic she makes it sound. Ny's range is beautiful and she can eliminate the gravel in her voice like it's nothing. Definitely one of the most talented voice actors I've ever met. You should cast her if she auditions for your project, because she'll make it so much better.

  • @supermc-adeley

    I haven’t known Sunny for a while, but I can say that she a such a spectacular voice actor! She’s got such excellent voice range, and I love hear her auditions when I see them! Overall, she’s such an easygoing person to talk to! If you ever get the chance to cast her you should DEFINITELY do it!

  • @lusaerys

    Sunny is the literal definition of pog :') Beyond her glowing personality lies one of the most prodigious voice actresses I've come across, I look up to her a lot and I'm so happy that she's reached out to me. She's so friendly and approachable! Her professionalism really shines through despite only having half a year and counting's worth of experience. It's already obvious that she gives her all in her auditions, but since I've had the honor of working with her in a few projects, I can confirm that you will NOT regret casting her. Every line is said with intense passion, you can really feel the character coming to life. Sunny also has SUCH A PRETTY VOICE! She's overall a really warm person, you can find a friend AND an incredible coworker in her, so if you want to cast her, absolutely go for it.

  • @emiriiva

    Sunny is an amazing voice actress and I can guarantee you as much! Sunny is very underrated, she demonstrates her raw talent in everything she does. I have recently fell in love with her voice acting. The emotion she incorporates in her lines makes it feel like it came from the soul. Her audio quality is amazing, so rest assured you will not need to be concerned! She is kind and humble, a great pick in my opinion. She is very talented and I totally recommend her!

  • @deleted537568

    Sunny is just so... AMAZING! Her Voice Acting is out of this world or should I say out of this universe! Her skills are fantastic in a way I can even describe and yes I do not know her in person but I know that she is Amazing at VA!

  • @clumsilly

    From the moment I heard Sunny in an audition, I was amazed. Sunny is so talented when it comes to voice acting, her emotions are flawless, and her voice is amazing!! she is also so sweet and funny and just such a nice person to talk to! love ya sunny mwah!! /p <333