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Darling DonutCat

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About Darling DonutCat

~Welcome to my CCC page~

I'm darling donutcat

I am interested in voicing for…

  • Student animation

  • indie videogames

  • Song covers

  • (Singing sample available upon request)

  • improv roleplays

  • (I have Minecraft Java)

and more!

I have been trained in improv, animation, and commercial voice work. I have my own sound treated booth with crisp clean audio. My DAW is Adobe Audition, my mic is AT2020, and my Interface is a SSL2.

I will NOT audition for anything NFSW

~About me~

 Name: Darling Donutcat but you can call me donut

Pronouns: They/Them

Voice Range: Low-high 

Singing voice: Alto and Soprano

Able to do: young female and male voices-young female adult

My time zone: PST

Language: English

Experience: 1 year

Let's get in touch!

Discord: Darling Donutcat#7452

CCC: Here! ^^

email: Dm or message me if you need it
i do have a PayPal for paid projects

CYT SAC - 2021


Instructed by Austin Nunn

Learned about core, how to establish relationship,character,location,and objective. to be quick on my feet, and to work with others

- 2021

Corina Boettger's Classes

Instructed by Corina Boettger

learned ADR, script analyses, and character analyses

- 2021

Private coaching by Melissa Disney

Instructed by Melissa Disney

Learned how to stay in a character voice, break down scripts, and industry insider.

Voices Voice Casting - 2022

VO workshop

Instructed by Mary Lynn Wissner

I learned to do strong believable reads in animation and commercial.


I go by 3 dollars a line and for singing

5 dollars a minute.

What Darling DonutCat is looking for

Originality is what I like in projects. Paid projects are always what I'm looking for.

  • @deleted401181

    She was always fun and awesome to talk with. As well as getting her lines done by the deadline. If you're debating about casting her, just save some time and do it- she'll make it amazing. <3

  • @angel-va

    Aaaa where do I start. Donut and I are on a project together and I just absolutely love her. Her voice is versatile and she is just a blast to work with all round. You should 100% consider casting her!

  • @katinthehat

    She is an AMAZING VA! I’m in a project with her and she is such a talented person! She’s determined and will always get her lines done! She’s phenomenal and an all around great person!

  • @candied-bubbles

    Darling DonutCat is such a good voice actress. And extremely underrated hehe. Though she may be underrated, she's a big sweetheart and deserves all the recognition she can get. Even though she's only a BG character in my series, she's become one of my good VA friends, and I don't regret casting her. So if you find her on your CCC, don't hesitate.
    Cast her.

  • @dakaritheanimegirl

    Darling Donutcat is an amazing voice Actor she’s really amazing to work with and she's an amazing friend she is so underrated and a great person to work with ^-^

  • @peachy_va

    Donut is an absolutely wonderful voice actress. I work in the same va project as her and I’ve listened to her amazing demo reel and so I can confidently say that she is definitely a talented and diligent person who strives to provide the best. For those of you who are looking into her experience as a voice actress, trust me, she’s your best choice!

  • @riri-va

    Darling Donutcat is such an underrated voice actor. She does different tones very well and is definitely able to grasp the idea of the different types of characters she plays. Not to mention, she's super sweet <3

  • @lightrocks

    Donutcat is truly an amazing VA. She had a very beautiful unique voice and could express many colors and tones. She has a pretty wide vocal range and could easily fit many characters. Her mic quality is great. She is also extremely professional, responsible, kind, and has a great sense of humor. You should definitely hire her. 🍩

  • @chanheeee

    omggg where do i start with donut. donutcat and i met back in a friends server and we were talking in vc and holy she was the kindest most wholesome person ever! I am currently in 2 projects with donut and shes just so talented and her audio is clear and crisp, i 100% recommend u to cast her, and trust me if u do. you wont regret it >:D

  • @deleted385240

    Darling Donut is an amazing voice actor and literally the most wholesome person I know. I love all of her work and how amazing she is towards the other voice actors. I absolutely recommend!

  • @deleted296639

    donut is a very adorable person and is very talented too!
    overall an amazing VA and human being <3

  • @xyrodonatus

    Donut is a fantastic Voice-actress with who I've had the pleasure of working alongside. she is an utter delight to be around and is overly supportive of those around her. above all else, she is a talented VA and will work hard to get her lines done on time! I would highly recommend her for any project!

  • @mexva

    Dang yall want talent talent believe me this the person you want on your team. they get things done on time

  • @sofialynnteresi

    Darling DonutCat just has all the qualities you could ask for. Not just in voice acting, but in the real world too! She's responsible, kind, and funny; not to mention her voice work is phenomenal! She can portray teens beautifully and adults wonderfully. You HAVE to cast her when she auditions!

  • @aloe_

    Darling Donutcat is probably the nicest person ever and also probably one of the greatest VAs I know. She puts so much effort and emotion into her acting you and she never fails to impress. I have a lot more to say but in summary, she's amazing and you should definitely cast her <3

  • @deleted401181

    very pog 5 stars cast her ty

  • @probably-sea

    Donut is such a talented voice actress! She has such a lovely voice and an amazing range, she can do anything from a young boy/girl to a mother! I'm so happy that I've gotten to work with her on several projects. She is so kind and fun to work with and I would highly recommend casting her if you see her audition!

  • @sunny-bxnni

    Darling Donutcat is SUCH a nice person and an AMAZING voice actress! She needs to be casted into more projects <3 She is extremely underrated as well! She is speedy with her lines and so fun to talk/interact with ^^ You 100% will not regret casting her!

  • @deleted317254

    She's so nice! She got in her lines really fast and they were really good too. She was also very accepting when I made a mistake and had her switch roles, which was amazing. I've known her before I casted her for my project and she's really fun. She's great to work with so I definentlyt recommend her!

  • @deleted440809

    Darling DonutCat is an extraordinary VA! I work with her in a few projects and I am extremely grateful to be working with such a talented voice actor. And her range is IMPECCABLE! I am so surprised she isn't a lot more projects. If you need someone in your projects, please cast her! <3