Nicole <3

Hello my fellow VA’s. If anyone recognizes me from 2020 I Been doing voice acting for a little while, unfortunately i do not go by Dakari anymore I go by Nicole which is my middle name but feel free to call me Dakari as I don’t force anyone to call me by my middle name.I have been in a hiatus for aw

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  • @darling-donutcat

    Ok this girl is HECK TALENTED!!!!! Like she is sooo underated .Not only is she a great VA she is an amazing editor, director, and friend. I definitely recommend hiring her and trying out for her series! <3

  • @deleted362158

    Dakari is very talented, in voice acting, directing, and editing. She is so so so underrated and when the first episode of The Nerd and the Cheerleader came out I was BLOWN AWAY FROM THE EDITING. Not only that, but when I work with Dakari she is sooo laid back. (Not to mention she is my first director!)

  • @justdeshi

    AHHHH! Dakari is an AMAZING VA and a SPECTACULAR editor. I'm honestly shocked she doesn't have more recommendations. She's super underrated and I am seriously confused why XD. She works hard and portrays every character she plays well and I would totally recommend you cast her for your projects ^ ^

  • @ennibunni

    Dakari is obviously the Kawaii and Anime Queen! She deserves WAY more recommendations, and is WAY too underrated! This queen is everything: Voice actress, artist, video editor, and so much more! She is so sweet and supportive, that I doubt you’ll ever regret on casting her! I still don’t understand why she is in so little projects! If you need someone who will make your life bigger and brighter, GO ON AND CAST HER! Whatcha waitin’ for?

  • @lightrocks


    Dakari is a QUEEEEEN! She has an amazing voice and can do really great impressions! She actually can sound like an anime girl. I'm always crying tears of joy when listening to her voice. She has an impeccable range and amazing audio quality.

    ily queen <33