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I am the owner of two RP servers named Lost in time and Orions Belt.


As of for now, I'm a solo creator for my small time server.

I only ask for VA or VO artists to read a small amount of text each week.

I'm very easy to work with and I don't expect much,

Poor microphone..? No problem, I can do my best to filter it out.

Timezone Difference..? Not a problem either, nothing is demanded immediately unless it's a last minute emergency.

Absence..? Not a problem, just let me know if there's something big coming up and I can find a replacement for you.

I am currently looking for talented people, specifically lesser-known people to give them an opportunity to work with my projects.

I'm also into a bit of audio mixing and other things revolving around that.

I'm an aspiring writer, hoping to make the story writing scene one day.

I like to get things done fast.