I like cheese.

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About Daks

Creator of the "Bones & Ankha" series.

YouTube: Daks

Voice Work Highlights:


Boneman - The Legend

CRiTORA: Abnormal - Marley Geekipillar

Dawn and Mike - Melman/Judge

LEGO Spider-Man: Christmas Blues - J. Jonah Jameson

MoonMarsh Fantasy (series) - Bartender Pony

Sonic Unleashed: Departed (Animatic) - Narrator

War of the Wolves - Jolt

Comic Dubs:

The Rescuers - Chapter 3 - Unite As One - Terry

The Story of Jon & Liz (Garfield comic dub) - This Guy


Mario and the Dokis’ Mushroom Journey - Waluigi

Pac-Pix (DS) - Emilia Blue - News Article Voiceover


Am 100% free.

What Daks is looking for

I like comic dubs and animation, but I'm also open to other projects, too.

  • @gellert_tv

    The cheese eater who will do for you his best at anything you want. I recommend you hire him !

  • @bing-bong-studios

    He is a very kind and understanding director. Very straight forward and to the point. His professionalism is perfect for your project!

  • @ross-k

    I have worked on two projects for Dak to date, and have very much enjoyed the outcome of both. Great creative editor, a really funny writer, and a great VA too. Multi talented. 

  • @ravenmist4

    They were an efficient and speedy director and editor! I loved the end product and I would recommend working with them.

  • @ground_eevee

    Daks Plays Punchy. The Professor of the Galaxy Heroes Academy. He's Great to work with and I Totally Recommend him! Whenever you need a Voice Actor For Comic Dubs, Animation, Or Anything else, Daks is the Perfect Choice! :)

  • @rainboweevee36

    I like cheese too

  • @gakupo-ussy

    They worked as an extra voice on one of my projects. They turned in there lines on time, communicated very well, passionate, had a very animated voice, and was a pleasure to work with < 3