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About SmashMaster

Hello everyone, SmashMaster/Emmanuel Rodriguez here! I decided to do voice acting as one of my careers, other than animation (frame-by-frame) and gaming on my YouTube channel with 1,000 subscribers!

I have a team called SM_714 Productions, with voice actors and more!

SM_714 Productions:

My inspirations to try out voice acting are Vic Mignogna, David Hayter, and Jason Griffith.

If you need a voice actor for your projects, dm me! My discord is smashmaster

I am willing to work on projects that are:

- Comic Dubs/Manga Dubs

- Audio-drama

- Original projects

- Visual Novels

- Video games

- Fan animation

I will not work on projects that are:

- Gacha

- Anime Fandubs

- Animation Fandubs

Project Showcase 2023 Reel:

Voice Acting 2023 Demo Reel:

Youtube Director Credits:

SM_714 Productions' Final Fantasy Sonic X Remake: The Story So Far

SM_714 Productions' Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Devastation

SM_714 Productions' Jaime's Philosophy: Final Fantasy

SM_714 Productions' Rayman Generations Fandub (Part 1, 2, & 3)

SM_714 Productions' Kingdom Hearts 2 Manga Fandub

SM_714 Productions' Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Manga Dub (Volume 1 - Chapter 13) (Cancelled)

SM_714 Productions' The World Ends with You Manga Dub

SM_714 Productions' Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Manga Dub (Volume 1 - present)

SM_714 Productions' Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga Dub (Chapter 1 - Chapter 2) (Cancelled)

SM_714 Productions' Street Fighter 6 Comic Dubs

SM_714 Productions' Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission Manga Dub

SM_714 Productions' Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Manga Dub (Chapter 1) April Fools

Youtube Video Editor Credits:

Youtube Voice Acting Credits:

Santa Ana College - 2021

Acting 100

Instructed by Christopher Cannon

The course helped me understand more about acting.

  • @jsaking11

    A great and organized leader. Also a super funny guy. 

  • @dcooper

    It been an honor to work with Emmanuel Rodriguez as the voices of Jin kazama and albedo in my mugen video game. He's very polite and able to get the job done without any complaints. Hire this man.

  • @suzaku

    I am currently one of the editors for one of his projects and let me just say this he’s organized, kind, and has great leadership skills checking up on what needs to be done. He gives explanations in a very good order and if you have questions he will answer them in a great manner. He is also inspirational as well!

  • @redrageknight

    Very good at keeping people organized and in-the-loop. Also a good voice actor

  • @Darien_Thompson

    SmashMaster was a fantastic director to work with! They were always helpful with information and also letting me know if my takes were good! As a beginner in VA, I will be forever thankful for these roles! Hire them For your projects!