I sometimes listen to the same 3 second audio clip for 6 hours

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Hi there. Glad you're here.

I am the owner of ErinAudio on Youtube.

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  • @Herringbone-VA

    Very cooperative and understanding,She values her projects and their quality above all else.Overall,she created an atmosphere as calm as her creations,Looking forward to working with her again if I'm needed.

  • @TimHarrod

    Focused, professional producer who knows just what she wants and can painlessly pull it out of her actors! Would work with again immediately.

  • @summer_rose_vo

    Very professional, kind and courteous!  It was a genuine pleasure working for Erin, and I would gladly do so again!  Highly recommend! =) 

  • @dillon-schremmer

    They were an absolutely amazing director to work with! They always had a very clear and concise picture of what they wanted and provided clear and easy to understand instruction in order to get to that space through collaboration! 10/10 would work with again.