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Clearwater Ivory

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Hello! My name is Clearwater, but you can call me Ivory! I've been experienced in voice acting for almost three years now!


  • @_lexva_

    Ivory is an AMAZING voice actress! She puts so much emotion into ALL her roles! She's SO cool to hang out with too! She's such a sweetheart uwu! It's amazing working with her. If you get an audition from her, ACCEPT IT! YOU WON'T REGRET IT! <3 love you, my love! XD

  • @bluebarron

    I've been friends with Ivory for a few months Never in a 100 years would you meet someone as nice and amazing as Ivory. She is incredibly nice and extremely fun to work with. She is so much better at voice acting then I am. Directors if you ever see an audition from Ivory ACCEPT IT she is one of the best people you would ever meet.

  • @simplymiprii

    Clearwater is hardworking and dedicated! I’ve never seen someone so persistent and helpful. She will do whatever is asked, no matter how absurd! Amazing VA and artist.