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My name is Kelsey otherwise known as Nova and welcome to my Casting call page! I'm 22 years old and I am a very creative person. Here on my casting call I don't normally audition for things because I have my own projects I want to deliver. On YouTube I am creating Minecraft Roleplays; These Roleplays are stories I've wanted to turn into a book or a TV show for awhile or they're things I am just doing for fun but now that Minecraft has turned into a game that lets us create everything, I use it to show case my stories and its been an amazing ride! Minecraft is a way for me to finally showcase the growth of my scripted work!


✧ Completed > Means that the project is completed and finished it's entire journey.

✧ Coming Soon > Will be released after background production on writing and development has been finished. 

✧ In production > Currently doing in-house production work with writing, building scene sets, filming etc. 

On Going > Series in currently on going and doesn't have any means of being discontinued currently.

On Hiatus > In house production has been paused and the series has been put on hold until further notice.


✧ Hidden Angels > In Production

The House In The Woods > Completed! (Almost- Will be once Episode 5 is fully edited and uploaded)

Currently on casting call I am not doing any VA work for other's unless it's close friends or a project I want to do. I would love to do more VA work in the future but I have a lot to improve on before I even do so. Currently, I don't even call myself a beginner, I just do voices based on my voice and express my emotions with my voice in exaggerated ways. I'm not a professional. Just trying to learn my way around. :)


Here is a list of videos that I voiced in!

RE:RE [Erased] Song Cover:

"EVERYTHING STAYS" [Adventure Time] Song Cover:


  • @applre

    I know Nova doesn’t use this website basically at all, but on the off chance that she gets this recommendation, I have to recommend her. One of the most talented video editors and organized directors I have ever had the fortune to meet. Seriously, I’ve been working for her as a voice actor (and temporarily crew) for the past few months and I must say it’s been a fantastic experience. Definitely worth the time I’ve put in over these last couple months.