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About Peacegirllisa

Hey there,

name is Lisa Vanwelden. I am a very passionate girl who wants to make her lovely hobby of voice acting and graphic design / digital art into my profession. On the side, I follow classes for singing and concept art.

I hope you like my content. I put 100% myself in all the projects/videos I will upload on this channel. So enjoy!

you are interested in getting in contact you can contact me on my email or any of my PMs/DMs on my social media. Hope to hear from you people

And as I always say "I draw my own world".

Have a nice day, goodbye!
Peace out~

Demos & Samples

.:Voice Demo Reel:.


Rates for Animation/video games & Narration voice-over services

• € 0.25 per word

• € 3.00 per line ( € 30 project minium )

• € 65.00 per hour ( € 130 project 2hr.  minimum / live sessions included )

Additional fee

• € 0.50 per split /  $2.50 per bulk (  1 bulk = 15 lines or more )

• First Retake is free to further  retakes are $2.00 per line

What I will not do 

• Extreme NSFW

• Politics

Terms and Conditions

• I  am not obligated to accept every project and I reserve the right to decline any project for any reason.

  • @yoshitails13

    Lisa is a talented VA. I have work along with her in some projects, Like Ghost of the Future. And I have her voice one of my videos.
    A few I like she voice are Blaze the Cat, Cream, Vanilla, Marine, Sticks, Peach, and a few others.
    If you ever need female VA's for projects, go check her out! ^^

  • @bluereaper47

    PeacegirlLisa is a Fresh VA trying to build up her statues in the community and to build her career, For her not to have much hands on experience working on projects she has the talent to support her case. Give her direction , She preforms, give her a role she brings it to life.

    She very Sweet and dedicated to her craft If you need a spunky type, a serious type or even a femme fatale or just a plain tomboy she can do it.

    Shes not limited to certain series or medias, I've had conversations of what she would be willing to do and shes pretty open unless is something very sensitive like abuse , trama , or mental health. but I would encourage discussions with her and talking about your work and or projects, she can be willing to take it on if something about it peaks her interest.

    She has a passion for singing as well, I need a co-star for my lets play video. It wasn't the best due to audio difficulties but she is looking for upgrades at this time but even with that it still preformed fairly well.

    Fun to work with, passionate about her projects, fluent in english and Dutch and forever willing to give her best before a deadline. She may have some trouble but they come more from lack of EXP rather then faults of her own, but thats will iron out in time, I would still recommend her, please if you need a good actress,