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About shadow18

Im just a Minnesotan VA trying to make a living off off voicing cartoon characters. 

Demos & Samples

Sonic Characters Voice Real 2020

characters impressions in order. Scourge the Hedgehog, Espio the Chameleon, Shadow the Hedgehog, Jet the Hawk, Eclipse the Darkling, Infinite the Jackal, Zero the Jackal.

  • @raindash

    Shadow18 has been one of the Best voice actors iv ever worked with. his Shadow Voice I flawless and he sure can pull of one hell of a King Sombra :)

  • @umbreondokkan

    Someone who I discovered a couple days ago and has a great shadow voice. Records with a very high quality microphone. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a shadow voice!

  • @deleted37071

    Shadow18 is one of the most talented actors i've have ever gotten to know, cause i've seen him in action on certain projects i've worked with him on, fellow actor wise! 10/10 shadow voice, along with some others that are here as well! :D

  • @geekysonic

    Shadow18 is a very talented VA, and it is clear that he puts a lot of effort into the work he does. He is a personable guy, and a dedicated worker.

  • @yoshitails13

    Shadow18 is a very awesome VA. He does really great effort on working on comic dubs. His Shadow, Espio, and his others voices are really great to listen too. 10/10 I'm so glad to work along with Shadow. :D
    You if you guys are looking for voice actors to play the role, go check him out! ^^

  • @pandamation

    working alone can be frustrated sometimes, but with friends that work side by side together, it makes it special and which i like to call it a "crossover". Shadow18 is honestly a really good VA when it comes to projects such as a sonic the hedgehog fan series or something off canon or in canon. he helped me reached hopes and to never give up on something I'm passionate about. i think its the time that i owe him something special, i think hiring him would be my honest recommendation towards VA projects. shadow if your reading this, you deserve this support bro.

  • @greatwhite-studios

    Shadow18 or also known as infinite 007 is Great,fantastic and talented person who i can call a friend. I had the pleasure working with Shadow18 and i can really see that he put's time and effort into making his voices sound identical to the character he's playing. Really happy that i got to work with shadow18 and will alway's be glad to have him on my project's

  • @mayito-brito-the-pro-or-novicer

    Shadow18 is awesome. He also has a great YouTube channel! ^__^

  • @scott-kurth

    Shadow is great with direction, flexible, and willing to follow instructions on voice lines.