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About BluePixel

I produce content such as films, songs, animations and animatics.  I hire people with talents such as voice acting, acting, making digital art, making animations and singing. I also have a youtube channel: Blue Pixel Productions

  • @deleted62609

    Blue Pixel is amazing and great to work with! She's been helpful and has given clear instructions throughout the whole project. It was a delight to work with her, she was always available. She's very creative and talented. I highly recommend & LOVED working with her!

  • @aaronisak

    Blue Pixel is very talented and super fun to work with. I was astonished by the finished project! Truly amazing work, and I definitely recommend getting involved with them and their work!

  • @tinsyoutrimble

    BluePixelProductions is a wonderful person to work with. She is extremely kind but stern and fair with her rules. I have never had a better "boss". I highly recommend BluePixel for your projects.