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I am a Voice Actor and Live Actor
I am a professional actress and experienced voice over artist, based in Melbourne, Australia, capable of bringing my unique blend of talent to any client. Though I specialise in a naturalistic tone, I can easily adapt to the demands of any job and have voiced a variety of styles across radio, documentary, and sleep stories, as well as character work for animation and TV. I have a vibrant personality and I am fun and engaging to work with. The pride and proficiency I take in every project means I am able to produce results quickly and efficiently.
Speaks: english
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, Artist, and Video Editor
I am the creator of Stargazer Studios. I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head and I just want to get them all down on paper and bring them to life one at a time.You can find me on instagram and twitter as @ZeePurpleFox as well as a couple other platforms, however I am most active on these two. 
If you wish to look at my digital work, feel free to click on the link below!
Speaks: english
Hi Everyone, I am an Australian voice actor with dreams to make this my career. I have a rich versatile voice developed from years of singing (Associates degree in classical singing), acting, opera and musical theatre experience. Please consider me for any roles so I can build my show reel.
I am a Voice Actor and Singer
Tech Specs: 2i2 Scarlett Interface, Rode NT1 Mic, Vocal Isolation booth.
Voice Description: male adult male senior
I want to try something different. I have done acting on stage as an extra and one main for a local community playhouse theatre. But I mostly did backstage. Also had experience with community radio when I was 16-20.I spent most of my time after that working, DJ, Music and study.
I am a Voice Actor, Video Editor, Music Composer, Audio Engineer, Producer, and Live Actor
google me Scalie Bloke
Speaks: english
Abyzou Interactive™ / Rin Satsu. UK-based indie game dev, voice actor, artist.
I am a Voice Actor and Artist
Artist, voice actor, game dev, casting VAs for my projects and seeking roles in any games / animations or even audio dramas you may need voices for.Feel free to check out my CCC page for more info!I WILL NOT WORK WITH MINORS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.
Speaks: english
Accents: airhead alabama alien all american accents all english accents all slavic accents american american (midwest) american (new york) american (northeast) american (southeast) american (southern) american (west coast) argonian arkansas artificial intelligence (ai) australian bandit bitchy bogan british (cockney) british (london) british (northern) British (Westminster) cajun caveman connecticut cookie monster cracky crazy creepy creole cringe cyborg dandere david attenbourough dead demonic drugs east african East-End english (cockney) english (london) english (northern) essex estuary evil villain excited fabulous fairy falsetto fancy fantasy farmer farmer (british) Father fatherly father voice flamboyant flemish french friendly frog funky funny geeky general african gentleman ghetto ghostly gibberish gilbert gottfried glaswegian gloomy glottal stop golden radio gordon ramsay grandpa gremlin grizzled grumpy grunting gutteral hebrew hindu hippy hipster insane international irish jack sparrow jar jar binks jewish jewish/yiddish jock joker (animated series) junkrat kenyan kermit the frog khajiit killer kuudere lizard man louis armstrong majin buu mars martian mascot mean mediterranean medum low mellow menacing mexican mexican (bajio) miami midlands military millenial minion mocking monster monstrous mountaineer muppet murder murderer muscle man mute mysterious nappa newcastle noir north african outback oxford panicked peasant peppy piccolo popeye powerful being preppy professional prospector protagonist psychopath psychotic punjab queen's english relaxing rich guy royal rugged samurai sassy saxon scottish sean connery sexy sicilian sickly silent simlish skater sleazy slurred snarky south african south australia south eastern england south england southwest london accent spanish (conquistador) spike spiegel spooky sports spy stallone stereotype steve blum suave suburban supervillain terminator throaty timid toad troll undead valley victorian viking villain wacky waluigi wario warrior weird welsh west country british west midlands whimsical whisper white person wild west wise wiseguy wizard yorkshire yorkshire british yorkshire english zombie
Hi Dan here, I'm 28, keen, punctual, and willing to give every opportunity my best shot. Available for short and long term projects :)
I am a Voice Actor, Singer, and Live Actor
Hi Dan here, I'm relatively new to the voice acting world but have a natural skill for voices/characters, and have developed it privately my whole life. I am autistic so this is a safe space for that and any anxiety sufferers, so please don't hesitate :) Message here or Discord: dan_zsolt. Whatever you prefer.Can record lines from home, but can also book into a studio I know if required.Note: there is no social media attached because I don't really have any.Thanks :)
Speaks: english
Looking to get into VA!
I am a Voice Actor
An Australian guy looking to get into voice acting.

I have experience with instrument and vocal recording and production (example), including processing and editing audio. I have also produced and edited a podcast and youtube content for my archaeology channels (example)
Speaks: english
Hello, I have shit all experience but I would like to learn, for my voice is funny
I am a Voice Actor
I'm a 24 year old Australian with a deep, barely Australian anymore voice. My only experience in voice acting is with a volunteer radio thing when I was like 17 which I did for a couple months, and I guess youtube stuff. is the only relatively seriously recorded thing I can find.I'm really bad at taking a serious tone with anything so don't expect much with that, but I should be good with anything lighter or comedy based if you need me.thabk yoi
Speaks: english
Search all 7838 voice actor bogan profiles