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Rin Satsu

Abyzou Interactive™ / Rin Satsu. UK-based indie game dev, voice actor, artist.

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About Rin Satsu

Artist, voice actor, game dev, casting VAs for my projects and seeking roles in any games / animations or even audio dramas you may need voices for.

Feel free to check out my CCC page for more info!



  1. $0.50 per word, or $2 per line.

  2. 10 lines for $16

  3. 50 lines for $72

  4. 100 lines for $130
    Anything above 100 lines to be negotiated, starting at $250.
    All rates in USD.
    SFX / vocalizations are counted as a word each.

What Rin Satsu is looking for

Hi! I'm a UK-based artist, game dev and VA. I've had the pleasure of voicing NPCs in a few Skyrim mods and a decently-sized indie game, and I'd love to be in more projects.

I'm willing to perform some small roles for free just to have fun, but for big projects, I do charge.

I specialize in villain / jerk / monster / demon / crazy / robot characters in many accents & dialects, but I'm versatile; I've played teen delinquents, psychotic druggies, Argonian priests, drunk vigilants, and Nord warriors.

My natural accent is London-British, and my voice is somewhat deep, but I can imitate a variety of voices, or make completely new ones based on requirements. There's a limit to how high I can go without being silly, though.

I also have a rather dark / adult sense of humour, so don't worry about asking for anything a bit "messed up".

In the link below are a few samples of my accent range and previous works, just pasted from my Fiverr gig (the Skyrim & Oblivion samples were recorded on my old mic - I now use a HyperX Quadcast with a pop screen, and can clean my own audio). https://mega.nz/folder/f4hkRDID#sPO8F7wF4xqiQNxcgsJL9w 

Alternatively, you can check out my auditions under Submissions.

However, I'm glad to provide some sample / test reads.

My Discord is: AbyzouDev

Or you can contact me on Twitter: @AbyzouDev 

Please DM me first, to make sure I'm okay with the request!



In case any of these are close to what you're looking for.


  • [Saw] Jigsaw

  • Duke Nukem

  • Paul O'Grady

  • Randy Savage

  • [Disney] Goofy

  • Freddy Krueger

  • [Invader Zim] Eric

  • [Family Guy] Bruce

  • [Fable] Thag / Dash

  • [Scream] Ghostface

  • [SpongeBob] Patrick

  • [Team Fortress 2] Pyro

  • [Hololive] Shinri Josuiji

  • [Crash Bandicoot] N. Gin

  • [Harvey Birdman] Reducto

  • [Muppets] Kermit the Frog

  • David Firth (most of his voices)

  • [Warcraft] Human / Orc / Troll

  • [Resident Evil 5] Albert Wesker

  • [Sonic] Big the Cat (Jon St. John)

  • Captain Crunch (George J Adams)

  • [Ape Escape] Blue / Red (PAL region)

  • [Baldi's Basics] Baldi / The Principal

  • [Elder Scrolls] Argonians (Cyrodiilic)

  • [Street Fighter] M. Bison / Dhalsim (SF4)

  • [Mario] Wario / Waluigi (Charles Martinet)

  • [Metalocalypse] Nathan / Swkisgaar / Toki / Pickles

  • [FNaF] William / Mike / Freddy / Glamrock Freddy / Foxy / Daycare Attendant

  • [Courage the Cowardly Dog] Freaky Fred / Dr. Vindaloo / King Ramses / Spirit of the Harvest Moon / Hunchback

  • [Don't Hug Me I'm Scared] Yellow Guy / Duck Guy / Tony / Shrignold / Malcolm / Frog Boy / Unicorn / Tree / Colin / Steak Guy / File


  • Mr. Bean

  • Hulk Hogan

  • [Space Ghost] Zorak

  • [Skylanders] Eruptor

  • [Sesame Street] Elmo

  • [Fable] Reaver / Walter

  • [SpongeBob] Squidward

  • [Metalocalypse] William

  • [Gorillaz] Murdoc Niccals

  • [Family Guy] Stewie Griffin

  • [Halo] Sangheili / Grunts / Prophets

  • [Aqua Teen Hunger Force] Meatwad

  • [Mario] Mario / Luigi (Charles Martinet)

  • [Sonic] Vector the Crocodile (Mark Biagi)

  • [Crash Bandicoot] Neo Cortex / N. Brio (original)

  • [Don't Hug Me I'm Scared] Red Guy / Furry Boy / Space Guy

  • [Dragon Ball] Ginyu Force / Buu / Vegeta / Piccolo / Roshi / Hercule

  • [Team Fortress 2] Sniper, Saxton Hale, Heavy, Demoman, Spy, Scout, Engineer

  • [Metal Gear Rising] Raiden / Monsoon / Sundowner / Armstrong / Blade Wolf

Thanks for reading - Looking forward to hearing from you and working on your projects!