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Monny Lynne

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About Monny Lynne

I am a midwestern voice actress with three years of experience! Need a voice for a quirky and lighthearted best friend? Or a ghostly, burdening reflection seeking forgiveness? I'm your girl! Feel free to check out my past voiceover work playlist below! :) 

Voicework Playlist



This is ALL of the released/ongoing projects that my voice has been publicly released in! Some of these are still going on so feel free to support the creators! :)

What Monny Lynne is looking for


-Audio dramas

-Visual Novels 

-Webtoon Dubs


This is only a vague list, but what really catches my interest is ORIGINAL PROJECTS! However, I'm extremely open to new opportunities as well, so feel free to shoot me a holler!

If you want me to audition for your project, feel free to contact me, which being through:


Discord: monnylynne

Twitter: monny_lynne

It'll be awesome if you listed specific information when contacting me:

- Name of project, the plot,  your channel/platform, past work (if any), character you want me to audition for, and the rest are up to you!


-Extreme hateful speech

  • @starrytchi

    To whomever this may concern,

     Hello, I am Starrytchi, and I must say that Monny Lynne is EXTREMELY talented! I've worked with her before, and her quality of lines is amazing!! You can tell she puts everything into her acting, and that really shows; it also shows that she enjoys the roles she gets, which is great from a director's point of view. I will also say that she can do improvising (improv) acting extremely well aswell. That's always a bonus!!

      Must I also add, she is also a great person overall to work with! Monny follows the deadlines very well - and mine are fairly stricter than other people's. She is able to follow that, and that is extremely admirable! Not to mention she is extremely easy to get along with and is very funny. Monny can be professional when needed, but can also be laid-back and goofy when the time calls for it. MIGHT I ALSO ADD, she is an active cast member too! That is something I also like to see as a director.

     I label us through CCC as "we're just friends" because I've known her personally for years. I am not only saying this from a director's point of view; but also a friend's point of view.

       If you see her audition for your project, please make sure to cast her! You won't regret it, trust me. You will absolutely not.

  • @moonlilystudio

    Monnylynne was the perfect choice to voice in my project. Her voice fit so well to her character and brought her character to life. She did all her expressions perfectly as well! If you are looking for a prefect choice to a voice actor to voice a shy character or a bubbly character then Monnylynne is the voice actor that you must choose for your project!

  • @k3mbaba

    Monny Lynne is a star in the making. She offers such emotion and feeling in every line she delivers, and you can tell that she genuinely loves voice acting. She is lighthearted and funny, and kind and respectful towards whomever she works with. Monny Lynne is always on time with recordings, and listens and applies direction like a pro. She is such an amazing person to work with, and she really brings life to whatever role she plays. She just has a way of delivering lines that totally submerses you into the life of the character. She is such a stunning actress, and I know she'll go far. If Monny Lynne auditions for your project, you should cast her, because you won't regret it. <3  

  • @neurotic

    Monny is an AMAZING voice actress who will no doubt go big one day. 

    I have worked alongside Monny is almost all projects I have taken part in (she's just everywhere fr) and everytime she submits her lines, her dedication and commitment to whatever role she is filling is clear as day. She's told me time and time again about how much time she puts into recording lines, and all that time and effort pays off in the final draft. She never fails to impress me, whether it be her top notch voice, or ability to get and stay in character with the blink of an eye, the inspiration and joyfulness she brings to each project, or many MANY years of friendship that I DO NOT take for granted. I met Monny YEARS ago, and time and time again I have made some AWESOME memories with her, and genuinely dont know where I would be without her. When you cast Monny, you get a dedicated voice actress AND an amazing addition to the cast, who will bring awesome vibes to the group. May the name Monny Lynne strike you with joy and excitement when you see her submit an audition on your project :)