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About Amarey


My name's Amarey! Though you can call me Rey for short ^^ 

I'm an amateur voice actor and, occasionally, a singer. 
I've been training my voice (self-taught) for about a year and a half though I've only started auditioning for projects up until recently in June 2021. As of December 2022-currently, I've also been taking up vocal classes.

-some things abt rey !

USERNAME PRONUNCIATION > em - muh - rey (more or less)

 VOICE RANGE > low-high 
(for high pitched voices however, i struggle somewhat a bit though i preferably do medium-high for the matter and i mostly do voices of medium and medium-low) 


 PRONOUNS > she/her !



*pfp picrew credit : kureihii, link >

Thanks for reading and stopping by, have a wonderful day/night <33
[side note check:  y'all are amazing kay? ily <3]

  • @jazaxiee

    Rey has the most beautiful voice EVER!! Not only is she an excellent voice actor when it comes to getting her lines in on time with the best quality, she's an immaculate friend/co-voice actor behind the scenes of the production "The Nuclear Family". She's goofy, outgoing, and way too kind! Even if her role is quite small, she makes every line count for the sake of the project. >:) So go ahead and cast her, you won't regret it!! Ily Rey 😭❤

  • @mollexi

    I'm completely dumbfounded as to why this amazing girl doesn't have more recommendations :0 I work with Amarey on Starrytchi's "The Nuclear Family" And I am so impressed with her incredible acting ability. Not only that, she delivers her lines on time and her quality is perfect. Please definitely consider casting her for your project, you will not regret it! :))

  • @ellarine

    Okay where do I even start

    Amarey is just amazing. She is an amazing voice actress and a wonderful friend as well. She has a wide range and does her parts very well like omg how??? the emotions she put into her lines are just the exact way the directors imagined it to be. She's very outgoing and fun to talk to like srsly mwuah mwuah -- She hypes everyone when the atmosphere isn't great and is very cooperative and open to various ideas. Whole package right here ^

    What are you waiting for? Make sure to cast her if she auditions for your project cause she's gold mhm mhm

  • @itzbeth

    I want to say that Amarey is an amazing person to work with. She is very talented, friendly, and get his lines on time. I would recommended her here for any role that you need. I hope to see Amarey more in the future and never give up on your passion on becoming a VA here. 

    -Your Friend, ItzBeth

  • @calvin-wilks

    I've wanted to work together with Amarey for a while, and now we're finally working together in a continuous Genshin comic-dubbing series lead by a mutual! I'm always impressed by her recordings, and she's an incredible person to be around. I'm hoping we can make a lot of great content together since it's always so fun to hang out with her! also I ACTUALLY HATE U AM IM

  • @diarosee

    I've met Amarey for quite some time now and she is very poggers and she slay :> 

    U deserve this recommendation don't hide it :) 

  • @calvin-wilks

    Hiii Rey~ I want to say to you that so many people enjoy your company! I hope I can show my support for you more often. Whenever you're around it brightens my mood, and hearing your voicing and auditions always gives me a smile! Many people love hanging out with you. You're an amazing voice actor and I look up to you. I'm always here at the end of the day to hear from you, and give you a little more energy and motivation even! Let's keep doing our best, and remember our goal together! YAISSSS u got this, Reyrey! ALSO CUH JUH WAS HERE 2022 LEMME IN..... LEME INNNNNN <I>w<I> HEY LIL SIS UR LICHELLY GIVING- UR GIVING mwuah