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────────── : · . ✧ MY INTRO ✧. · : ───────────

Name: Mitsuki Rose

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Timezone: GMT-6

Voice Range: Medium to Low

Language: English and Vietnamese

────────── B I O ───────────

Hey there, my name is Mitsuki Rose, but you can call me Mitsuki or Rose. I'm a Voice Actor, Gachatuber, and Gamer here. There is nothing much but just introduction, but I want to say that if you guys have any projects that interested me or original here then just come and contact me here. And also, I will NOT be auditioning anything that is 18+ or NSFW here. I will also not be accepting any payment here due to my age, but if you do wish to do so then please don't because I don't want you guys to waste your money.

PFP by _himitsuki_


I will not be accepting any payment at the moment.

What Mitsuki Rose is looking for

I am looking for something that has an interesting plot and has original content to the project. I will not be auditioning anything that is not original, stolen (copying other peoples work), and NSFW/18+ projects. The project must be ORIGINAL.

  • @fanboy-77

    ItzBeth was amazing to work with. we worked on a few episodes of my five nights at freddy's fan series and she was easy and very flexible with times and scripts. would work with again.

  • @deleted439571

    ItzBeth is such a hard worker! She helps people, no matter the cost! She's a dear friend and someone I like to be with in many more projects to come! She always works for her place and I always notice that she sends her lines in right away! Do NOT miss a chance with her! She is lovable and I recommend her! (as you see here.) She has a bright future ahead of her, I know so!
    Keep dreaming Beth! All your dreams will come true, I know so ! <333!
    Dani <3

  • @stillthinkingu-u

    As a fellow director of Itz_Beth, for she has been in many of my projects. It is truly amazing that she does her work fast, and sends near the deadline of her lines. I can't wait to see her voice as a voice actor when she comes out! Agreed with @DaniDaDanisaur, she is a hard, even if she should TAKE A BREAK ;') ; she has such an awesome talent! I have worked with her in several different projects, and she is such a helpful human being :)
    :0 also-- I recommend you cast her IMMEDIATLEY-- OR ELSE-. ;')
    Don't worry I won't hurt you, cuz I'm nice, but if you don't cast her, I won't give you your favorite thing u-u T0T


  • @deleted495487

    I definitely recommend Beth if you're looking for a voice actor! She, sends in voice works as in a flash! (She sends her voice work really fast), !!

  • @jazaxiee

    Oh no no no, don't you even CONSIDER rejecting this girl! Just. Don't. You know you want to hire her from a parent to even a little extra! I know you do! Beth, my beloved, oh how talented she is. She has the LIVING AUDACITY to be this sweet and non-egotistical with the amount of talent she has? This girl's talent can travel in GREAT LENGTHS, you hear me? Not only is she friendly, caring, and supportive, but she's also professional, polite, and understanding. Everything you need in a voice actor and.. friend.

    Okay, enough with the straight-up talk, in all honesty, Beth is one of my favorites in Starrytchi's "The Nuclear Family". This girl brought that single movie with so much life even if her role was considerably small. But no matter, because that's exactly what she's good at! Playing the biggest parts in the smallest roles! This girl will not let you down, I swear! <3

  • @korroro

    Duuudeee wtf miss gurl is so talented you better not reject her. She is so hardworking, kind and friendly you could NEVER find a replacement for this one. I recommend her with my whole entire heart and she deserves the whole wide world. You should definitely hire her and ON GOD you won't regret it. I better see beth get casted more because she is one talented potato

  • @amarey


    Beth is one of my castmates in "The Nuclear Family" by Starrytchi and she is awesome! She's a talented voice actor who delivers lines on time and with on-point emotion through them. She's also an amazing friend and person in general! So glad I got to meet this very pog gal ^^
    Beth is hilarious and a very supportive and understanding person all the way. If you're ever considering her to join your crew or befriending her and so on, you wont regret it! <33
    [beth ily 🤟]

  • @arialorae

    I don't know Beth that well, but she was a really friendly person. She delivered her lines beautifully and gets everything done on time, would definitely work with her again!

  • @silliedottie

    I've been friends with Beth for awhile now and every project I've seen with them in it has been extremely well done. They also help me a lot with voice acting and I'm very thankful for them :)

  • @h_dylan

    Beth is an amazing voice actor and a wonderful friend. I had the pleasure of working with her during my first project. She gave me very clear instructions on what to do and explained any questions that I had. She is kind, motivated, and amazing! She would be a great asset to your team (so what are you waiting for? HIRE HER) If you see her auditioning for any projects of yours, please take her into consideration. Which I mean amazing, she is amazing! <3

  • @musicalleo

    I just wanna say, you must hire her as a voice actor, I worked with Beth once at a gacha series and she was amazingggggg! Great at delivering lines and such, it was an honor working with her^^

  • @ellarine

    I definitely recommend Beth! I'm in a lot of projects with her and I can assure you that her recordings are well and perfect. She is also such a nice person. Looking forward to your project by the way !! I hope to see more of you in the future ^-^

  • @dzhjoshua

    Do not reject Beth.
    Beth is a fantastic at doing voice acting and maintaining a series, the motivation that comes from Beth is the greatest. 11/10 During professional settings beth turns in lines in time. Beth doesn't messes around, she is the business. Also gave me very clear instructions on what to do.

    Great voice actor and a great dictator.