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About Mollexi


My online name is Mollexi, but you're more than welcome to call me Molly or Lex :3

I'm an Actor, Director, Writer and YouTuber from England. I've been acting for 14 years, however I started doing voice work nearly two years go. I post Gacha and Yu-Gi-Oh content on my YouTube channel and will be expanding my content as I grow :) 

I recently started a fan series called "Duel Academy" based on Yu-Gi-Oh!

~Age: 24

~Gender: Female

~Pronouns: She/Her

~Time Zone: GMT

~Voice Range: Medium/Medium High

~Accent: British-English, North American


Additional VA Details

Although I am open to most projects, I will not take part in anything offensive, NSFW or anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. Please take these additional details into account before contacting me for your project, thank you :)



✪ Youtube: Mollexi

✪ Twitter: @Mollexii

✪ Discord: Mollexi#7063

✪ CCC: Oh Hey ☺

Join my Discord Server :)

  • @lusaerys

    Mollexi is on another level of content creation. As a project coordinator, she gives clear, concise instructions through which you can feel her passion. She's also an incredibly warm person, I always feel comfortable talking with her. Her editing and plotting skills are unparalleled as well as her voice acting, you can't go wrong with such a wide range of talents. It's a pleasure working with someone who has patience and vision. Mollexi's content is definitely worth checking out! :)

  • @daneki

    Mollexi is an absolutely astounding Voice actor with who delivers their lines well and on time. she's reliable and incredible. if you need a soft spoken or young voiced girl she can do that. she's talented and a pleasure to work with. you'd be doing yourself a favor by working with her

  • @deleted527807

    Mollexi may be my online older sister, but when I saw her audition for Celestia for "deal with the devil" my mind was blown! She has the sweetest clearest voice I've ever heard! She is the nicest person I've ever met! VERY fun to talk to :D! Mollexi can really portray a character very easily, and her audio is outstanding! She has a VERY expressive voice! If you need a voice actor, I recommend Mollexi!

  • @jazaxiee

    Lex deserves the world guys! Not only her incredible voice work, not only her immaculate editing but those AND her loveable and cheerful personality that I truly admire! She's a multi-skilled, talented goddess on this very platform! <3 I met her through Starrytchi's "The Nuclear Family" and from what I heard behind the scenes, she deserves that main role! She's a wonderful voice actress and can definitely make your characters come to life with a snap! No, not a Snapple, but A SNAP. Her voice work is by FAR very expressive and angelic! Working alongside her as a fellow voice actor is amazing enough, but having her as a friend is even better! She's funny when she needs to be and is serious when she needs to be. She can make the atmosphere turn fun in a literal heartbeat <3 I cannot tell you enough how wonderful this woman is. I really hope to work with her on my own projects in the future, as I hope you feel the same way! Like I said, a real wonder to have. :] Long live Lex! (See what I did there hehe, alliteration.. I'll leave now.)

  • @starrytchi

    AYO. Lex is super nice and is also super supportive of everyone including myself! She knows how to be professional in a professional environment but also knows how to have fun when the time calls for it. She's an amazing voice actress and I highly recommend her! When the atmosphere (or mood) is down she knows how to make it better! And not to mention her editing on her YouTube series Duel Academy is also amazing! You are amazing Lex, I'm so happy to also call you a friend, and it means a lot to me that you see me as a close friend. <3 (I suck with recommendations, sorry!!)

  • @amarey

    lex is a fellow castmate of mine in the project, "The Nuclear Family"
    its the first we've ever talked to each other and i'm so glad i've gotten to chance to meet and talk to her. lex is an amazing voice actor who gets her lines in on time and also does it with such quality! her acting is hands down full with such passion and emotion. i've never been in a project that has been directed by her, but by looking through duel academy for example, i can tell that her work as a director as well is just fantastic. besides as a castmate, lex is an amazing person and so sweet! she's a great friend and a very supportive one indeed. if any of you consider casting her in your project, really, you won't regret it! ^^

    [p.s. lex ily <3]

  • @deleted465313

    Mollexi has incredible voice work. She recorded multiple versions of each line and delivered them in time. She made Dawn from "A True Alpha" really come to life :D She is a great person and an awesome VA. She did a great job doing the role and it was a pleasure to work with her.

  • @angelicalemon

    Molly is a incredible voice actor and friend. Her voice acting skills are what we call "Pog" in this day and age. All I'd like to say is YOU.SHOULD.HIRE.HER. She's way too underrated and has such a kind and energetic attitude over anything. She will be your inner B) when you need it and her energy is contagious even through the screen. I love this woman so much as a friend, voice actor, and as family. Also, go and watch Duel Academy, the story is amazing.

  • @deleted562118

    She is a wonderful friend, very passionate with her works and it shows if anyone took the time to give her a listen~ ^.^

  • @itzbeth

    Lex is amazing Voice Actor and is a good friend. She is very talented and so kind, nice and fun to talk with. She even turns her line in and her editing skills are sooo good especially with her series Dual Academy. I definitely recommend her and I hope to see her more in the future.

    -Your friend ItzBeth

  • @lov_elyana

    Mollexi is just an absolutely amazing and talented voice actor . She voiced a character named "Elise" in one of my projects and she really made her come into life. You could really feel the emotions in her acting . Her voice acting is really expressive and admirable.It was a pleasure working with her. I 100% recommend them for your projects ^^