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About Wisheater (Forum RP Post Readings)

I'm the GM of a forum RP named Wisheater and my group of 16 friends have been writing out the events of the game for almost a year now. Recently, we've realized we want to hear our characters speaking our best and worst lines in a sort of anniversary project.

We'll be selecting certain lines/scenes from the RP that we'd like to have narrated and voiced and would love to hear how people interpret the characters. For now we'd just like to have audio recordings while an RP member puts together a YouTube account to collect all these shenanigans with due credit to the voice actors, but this is more a labor of love on our parts, so we can't promise anything like good exposure--only payment, many apologies.

These will be voiceovers/narrations of our favorite scenes and will probably span a long period of time as we continue writing more, on top of the large volume of writing we've already created over the past year.

Which means there's no real deadline on this project since actors can come and go as they please and submit lines at a pace comfortable for them. (Though we don't really want to wait a month for one quick line, as an extreme example.) 

For now the selected scenes are short and most of the lines/sections we want read/voiced are one-liners or short paragraphs, so I'd like to start with a budget of 5 USD per "batch" that we pick out (which will be roughly one scene or maybe 5-10 one-liners to voice).

The price is negotiable! If you think a scene is overly long or complicated, we can definitely discuss higher prices.

Payment will be upfront and the written scene/lines will be sent to the accepted actor.

If we love your voice, we'll definitely ask again for future scenes if you have the time!

One actor can apply for as many roles as they like.

Below is a sample of what we'll need read/voiced.

This sample would probably be ~$10 USD with just one narrator read-over who would double as the voice for this character's italicized internal dialogue:

  • Thanks to her athleticism, Zoe managed not to tire much at all on the way to the lighthouse. The knowledge provided little comfort as they reached their destination, finding it empty of their disappeared classmates and confirming her worst suspicions. Sander's words only reinforced that the teleporting idiots had, in fact, gone back to the mansion - if he could tell, he'd surely have said the others were nearby, right?

  • Which meant they weren't coming. How many was that, then? Four. Four classmates dead if they completed their escape now. Of course, she knew fine well that staying could well increase that number - hell, Lawrence had told her as much, it was why she'd stayed with the fleeing group in the first place. But what was a necessary sacrifice, what was acceptable... this wasn't it. 

  • This was too many.

  • No-one else gets left behind. That was the deal.

  • Her emotions were muted at the moment, but she knew she'd be furious the moment that ended. Possibly dangerous. She'd almost definitely want to kill something, to tear someone apart slowly and hear the slow rip of flesh, the popping and cracking of tendons, of bone. Maybe that was what was happening to the others right now. She could imagine it, Brent with an ear hanging on by a thread, Siena with shattered bones protruding from her arm, Gregory screaming as--

  • Don't fucking smile.

  • So maybe things weren't exactly looking fantastic on the mental stability front. Maybe she really needed the calm-down aura right now from a purely logical standpoint. Nonetheless, if Lawrence tried to stop her from fighting this time, she'd keep to her earlier promise and take him down one way or another. That was something she'd made clear enough when it came to the change in circumstances. Getting on that ferry would mean abandoning the others for real, and she couldn't do that.

  • Pretty selfless, wasn't it? Or did she just want an excuse to go out there and hurt people? Get hurt herself?

  • It wouldn't make a difference. The actions were what mattered, not the motives behind them. Besides, the others weren't vicious enough to win this fight without her taking the lead, that much seemed certain. Sander's words had only confirmed that they weren't alone, and her gaze wandered over to the staircase. A lookout point - someone up there too, maybe, if the blood and footprints were any indication. A possible ally? That, or just ammunition for a ranged attack depending on how useful they were. Either way, it'd be a good start.

  • That being said, there was another issue to deal with first. Namely, the two assholes who'd decided the middle of a subnatural attack with their teammates' lives on the line was the right time to lie to her fucking face. Suddenly she felt a lot less bad about the earlier threats, not that she could properly follow up on them right now. Instead, with absolutely no warning she chose one of the two at random, span around, and launched a full-force kick right between Marcus' legs. Okay, she hadn't strictly been aiming there, but...

  • Well, it certainly made her point.

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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold