From Original Characters To Impersonations~ Nice to meet ya!

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About Ueichi

Hello! I'm Ueichi, I'm a graphic designer, Character Illustrator and voice actor!

I started off by doing voice impersonations of some video game characters!
Seeking to branch out and do some more voices in that area as well as 
You might have come across me doing a Widowmaker, Mercy, "Sexy Roadhog", or Viper's voice on TikTok, Twitch or youtube for a few videos lol.

The Voice ACtors Studio - 2024

Intro To Voice Acting

Instructed by Melissa Moats

While I was doing VA work before taking this class, I thought it would be a good way to see what other professional VAs in my area were doing and get quality feedback. I attended a few workshops before taking this course where not only were our performances were critiqued, but so were our mic technique, script analysis, and more. They were very informative and I continue to take workshops there to this day! 

Otis College Of Art And Design - 2022

Character Design

Instructed by Hong Ly

One of the many Courses I took in college for concept, illustration and more. Actually Graduated with a degree in Digital Media in 2019


Negotiable based on the project

What Ueichi is looking for

Character Voices for Animations, videos, and Games are preferred. Audiobooks and commercial availability are open as well.

  1. Serious requests only, please.

  2. For voice acting and impersonations, please do not request if the project is unstable and you are unsure if the final product will be completed or begin developement.

  3. I do not do anything Gatcha, Minecraft Roleplay, or Sims related. 

  4. If requesting art, please do not reach out with unpaid projects. I have several years of experience outside of school and do it professionally. Some projects I've volunteered one were related to games or animations I found interesting. If you would like to hire me to work on a project, that is acceptable

  • @va_cation

    Ueichi is amazing, as she provides a great range of voices. She gives life to a variety of characters through giving them a voice of her own, and she nails impressions of many as well.

    Ueichi is a joy to work and record with. It's been a pleasure for me to join in her own streams.

  • @talonsims

    Ueichi and I met in a project we were previously in, and have become friends soon after. Not only was I drawn to her incredible talent, but also her kindness and professionalism that is quite refreshing to see. She truly cares about the people around her and their success, and is always willing to lend a hand when she can to those in the community.

    Ueichi is able to do a very wide-range of voices and accents that come out so naturally. I am truly humbled whenever she asks me for my opinion or any feedback, as she truly goes above and beyond with everything she does. She is proficient in her records, diligent to find the right inflection, and so adept to emoting to exactly how the character at hand is feeling. When you see her confidence shine through the voice she is doing, you can't help to forget she has only been voice acting for a short time. Staying in character is as easy as breathing for her. When she finds something that troubles her, she is not afraid to ask or seek clarification in terms of directing. On top of her superbly talented voice and acting skills, her work is always turned in on time. Ueichi has a very successful road ahead of her and I hope to continue to work on projects together, as it is always an honor and a pleasure.

  • @epictop1

    As a actor, voice actor, and voice impressionist. Ueichi is talented for doing voices whether it be an original character and making up a voice, or even doing an impression of any character and or actress. An example would be PPG the Revenge of Mojo Jojo. "A project I worked with her." Ueichi is able to sound like Blossom, "A character she played in the film." Not only she can sound like her, but she also has the tonality, and is able to still do the voice and give life to the character. I like how she is also not afraid to say "I will do this as the script is writen, and then do it another way on this section" for asking myself clarification when it comes to voice directing the character she plays. She's very kind, and professional when it comes to the people around her. Whether it be animated shows, or movies. If you need an actress that can do the right voice your looking for. She is the one who can do it. I do hope to continue to work on projects together like this ether it being Powerpuff Girls related or not.

    This review was from Jeremiah Tube Gamer

  • @chloeng38

    Love Ueichi voice in Fallout 2 Miria. lol. She sounds so nice as my wife. TY sister.