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About WCAnimated - Warriors: Into the Wild (Round 1)


Welcome! This is the first casting call for WCAnimated's animated web series based on the WARRIORS series by Erin Hunter. We are now casting the first six characters appearing in our pilot, INTO THE WILD - PART 1.

The series will follow Rusty, a seemingly ordinary housecat who leaves his comfortable life behind to join ThunderClan, a group of wild forest cats. But the forest is full of dangers and secrets, and Rusty himself is driven by a prophesied destiny that will change the Warrior Clans forever.


While our story is technically based in the English wilderness, we welcome any and all accents. 


This project is fan-made and is collaborated on by a team of volunteers. Expect a welcoming, exciting, and collaborative environment-- but also expect to receive criticism and extensive direction. We may be volunteers, but our team is made up of industry professionals and quality is a priority at Tlacuache Studios. We will set soft deadlines, but we vow to accommodate our cast and crew's personal schedules to a reasonable extent. This position is unpaid, although we will help actors to get adequate resources as best we can.

We meet and work through Discord. A discord account is mandatory to partake in the project. 


  • This round of auditions will close October 8, 2021. We do not plan on extending this deadline. 
  • As per Discord's terms of service, you must be at least 13 years old to audition. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Some roles will require you to provide at least two takes to audition. Take note of your role's description.
  • You may audition for (and even be cast in) multiple roles.
  • We are looking for clear and quality audio. No fans, chatter, or other background noise please!
  • This is a fan project and therefor will work at a different pace than a traditional production. Many of the characters will feature in multiple episodes. Please ensure you are properly committed to the role and project.

About the Creator: wcanimated

The WCAnimated Project is a fanmade animated adaptation based on the bestselling Warriors series by Erin Hunter. We are a group of over 100 artists working together to create this web series. We will have our own original concepts, character, designs, script, score, and of course, an original cast of voice actors to bring our characters to life!

The project was founded on October 22nd, 2020, and has since received overwhelming support from the Warrior Cats fandom and beyond!

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