Professional voice actor, director, writer, and singer. Non-binary. Film student at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Rock it!

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About SuddenlySami

Sami Chen is a Chinese-Singaporean voice actor, singer, and director based in Singapore. They have done writing for demo reels, as well as scripts for short films. They are currently enrolled in FSV in Ngee Ann Poly, and is huge musical theatre geek. They have been publicly executed by the state for having a Hamilton phase.

Range: A2-G4 baritone

Email: [redacted]

vogym - 2021

Coaching Sessions

Instructed by Abbie Andrews

8 voice acting coaching sessions from Abbie Andrews from vogym, she helped a ton with my fundamentals and taught me how to not strain my voice.

Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang

6 classes of VA101 with instructors John Wang and Joe Goffeney!

Buds Theatre - 2022

Community Theatre Module

Instructed by Claire Devine
CCHM EDS - 2019

Physical Theatre

Instructed by Rizman Putra
- 2023

1-1 Coaching Session

Instructed by Michael Allan Schneider
- 2023

Consultation Session

Instructed by Aimer Smith

$0.70 USD per word. $4.50 USD per sentence. $200.00 USD per one hour session (1 hr minimum). Negotiable and flexible.

What SuddenlySami is looking for

Animation, animatics, video games!

  • @PickaPanda

    I have known Sami for a while now, and he is a very kind and sweet person, with a voice that will melt your heart in an instant. He gets his lines in fast and wont dissapoint you in anyway as he is willing to fix any issues you have with his lines. I'd say he is a good work partner as I am so happy I have him working with me <3

  • @zest-studio

    Sami plays Tong in one of my newest film called Sister's Keeper, and he brought the character to life, he is an amazing voice actor and would gladly work with him again.

  • @mrtree1059

    He was pretty good, delivered the lines on a short time with double recording and was able to capture the emotions of each line perfectly.

  • @theangrywalnut

    Great audio quality, fast responses and great emotion in his voice.

  • @dayss

    Honestly, Sami is an incredible VA. I must say that I have no regret in casting him as one of my characters in my series. He always turns his lines in on time and has is great at portraying characters! 

  • @ahrceus

    Been seeing Sami audition for many casting calls throughout CCC and from what I'm hearing, he's talented. Just thought I'd recommend him as a fellow VA.

  • @gabrist

    Sami is one of the best voice actors out there. It literally took me less than 15 minutes to record the entire sequence for my animation with him. Great work dude!!

  • @Bandii104

    Very efficient and works to a very high standard. Worked with them on a video project for YouTube, they provide the voice of the main antagonist. a very easy to work with and kind person, very happy with the results :) 

  • @brock903

    He has been a loyal recruit to our team. He voices a little demon boi who should be protected at all cost. He’s got some mighty good voice acting so I highly recommend checking this dude out.

  • @bitter-dub-production

    SamiTheVA has been a pleasure to work with. He is able to meet the deadline and able to submit in any lines that needed to be redone. I highly recommend him for a VA in a project! 

  • @creative_insanity

    While I never worked with Sami yet but I hope I can in the future, I can recommend that Sami is a great person to talk to and interact with. I am sure you would love to work with Sami! 

  • @ItsDusty

    Great worker! Got his lines done quickly efficiently. Expresses lines well  and you can tell they really enjoy what they do! 

  • @yuii-potato

    I have known Sami for a year now. He voices Leo Tuffin in one of my upcoming movie projects "The Bet of the Heartthrobs" and more. He's a very passionate voice actor, easily to get along with, and very responsible!  He deliver the lines well and he can turn into the character itself without any problems!

  • @jaysharpvoices

    Sami is a star player. From day one on the team they have shown passion, Care, Love, and respect for not only the character. But the entire project. Sami blends well with a team of 30 plus actors as the lead and it shows. Sami is the first to turn in lines. First to respond to assignments and is always looking out for whatever is next. If you want an actor willing to give it 1 million percent then Sami is your person! I highly recommend them for any and every project out there.

  • @diarosee

    Sami delivers all of his lines swiftly, and his voice is impressive! I can assure you that he is amazing to work with. He plays the Male Lead in my upcoming movie, The Sirens' Lost Heir as Elliot Lancelot, and he does the lines excellently! I highly recommend him and I'm confident you'll enjoy working with him as well!! ^^

  • @alumin

    I have worked with Sami on a fandub before and it was such a great experience! They are so responsive and super duper friendly. They are also professional, skilful, open to feedback and overall a pleasure to work with! If you ever need an amazing voice actor, hire Sami!!!!!

  • @tarbunny

    They were very easy to work with and very professional (and nice). I couldn't recommend them more. I hope to hear their voices in other works soon.

  • @deyoku

    Did a little bit of voice acting for funny role. Out of many and great talented people, Sami came on top. Honestly, the voice acting they've delivered was so fun and good, I enjoyed it a lot!

  • @opbrook

    Sami is a joy to work with. Not only are they very professional, they also deliver the lines very quick and in a amazing quality (great emotions). If you are looking for someone reliable, invested and motivated, please go with Sami. I am super happy I found and casted them!

  • @definitionoftired_

    A great voice actor and an enjoyable presence to be around! Despite the large time difference between me and him, they still made it work with the little time we had to go through the script while making it a fun and pleasant experience all around! The quality of his work is amazing, expressing themselves greatly through their voice and taking the time to consider what the character is doing/saying/implying and never shies away from asking questions to get a better understanding! 

    If you're considering Sami for your project, I highly recommend you work with him because they'll deliver much more than you can imagine! :)