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About Wayward Valley | Animation Pilot


Hi voice acting community! This is a casting call for the animated pilot 'Wayward Valley'. 

Imagine a world like no other... 'The Otherworld', original right? It's a land full of ghouls and monsters and our hero Oaklynn, the only known human in this fantasy realm.

The pilot follows our hero and her companion Goose, a monster who lives on the fringe of society as they try to make a living as adventurers! When things get real and they start working for the local sheriffs department, they're challenged to investigate a theft. Can they take their responsibility seriously? Will they prevent evil from corrupting Wayward Valley!?

This project is well underway. The scripting and story-boarding has been finalized and the backgrounds are close to finished.

The next phase is the VO and character animations.

The plan's to get this in a couple of IMDB qualifying festivals and win some awards.


The deadline for submissions is 10th August 2020. The project is already far in development with a finalized script. I'm also on track to finish the backgrounds for the end of the month. The total run time of the piece will be 3:45-4:00 total.


If all goes to plan I'll be able to get some more credits for your IMDB. Wayward is a project I'd like to expand, so if we did do well on the festival circuit and got attention, I'd be looking to produce this further.

I wish I could say I was this big contact that was going to be able to bring you loads of work. Truth is, I'm just another guy trying to make it happen. I've had the carrot dangled in front of me ever since I took up a media career, so there'll be no false promises from me.

As soon as I start getting paid properly for the creative work I do sustain myself on, I'll be looking to help all those creatives who have been on the journey with me. I feel like I'm very much apart of that world but I need a team of like minded people to really push forward with.


  • Your voice, I need passionate and talented actors to make this project whole.
  • Please submit recordings on prosumer mics (sound quality has to be on point, festivals won't take in projects with bad audio. No ambient sound)
  • If you feel like you need additional direction on lines, please ask. Multiple takes on lines would be appreciated so I have options.
  • Please send your audio in one .wav file to my email which I'll provide after confirmation of the role. WeTransfer's usually the best option to get that across. 
  • In an instance that I feel the tone isn't gelling with the other voice actors audio, I'll work with you to get it right. Always happy to take a zoom meeting or a call over the phone.


I am a freelance filmmaker/ video producer who has previous worked for AAA animation studio Cubic Motion, where I worked on games such as Xcom 2, Wolfenstein 2 and Star Citizen, along side Flashdeskanimations (We won't get 100,000,000 views on this project but I'd like to make a more compelling story and challenge him to get back into 2D.)

I now run my production company Strand Studios with director/ VO Artist Jonny Knowles (Skyrim, Lorelai, Popup Dungeon.)

I'll be looking to take this animation to festivals and have been fortunate to bag awards and nominations in the past for Robins Rocket, When Tiredness Becomes Illness and The Decline of Thaumaturgy.

About the Creator: jcunliffeuk

I'm a filmmaker/ animator based in the UK.

I co-own Strand Studios with director/ VO artist Jonny Knowles (Skyrim, Lorelai, Popup Dungeon) where we produce commissioned video work.

Before that I worked at an animation company where I worked on a number of AAA video game titles: 

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold