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    About Violet Evergarden: Another Perspective FanDub

    Violet Evergarden!

    We have absolutely no ill-will to the original English Dub, in fact, we loved it! What we are aiming to do with this FanDub is something a little different. The world of Violet Evergarden has a very European style to it so we would like to take this FanDub up a notch with a full cast from anywhere within Europe. Now, this doesn't mean others who aren't from Europe can't audition and we will encourage it! What we're looking for is the European accents, accents to sell a early-mid 1900s Europe. If you can pull off any accent from within Europe, go for it! Give us whatever you like whether it be a voice similar to the Japanese Dub, the English Dub, French, or your own! We will be picking based on who can sell the character to us, who IS the character they're trying to portray. If you can't pull off any European accent, still audition here anyway! Give us everything you have! Don't be shy, let us know that YOU are here! Let us know that your voice is the perfect pick for whoever you audition for! And audition for anyone you can! Read up on the character, study the character, watch the series! It's a beautiful series after all!

    Also, please state which accent you will be using for your audition! This will help with casting characters that are directly related to one another.

    We're still in editing phase with an editor who has done work for TV, but the series will be script ready for you to hop into our Discord server, read the scripts, and perform those lines! Don't worry about lip flaps, or time constraints, we'll make sure that the character you're bringing to life receives the visual edits and video length for you to give it your all! Something we wish we did before starting our first project! Everything's a learning curve, and we hope that this experience will improve you as a voice actor with other voice actors and a voice acting help section!

    The Discord is open to the public with separate sections for cast members to hang out in, see snippets and other stuff from the project before the general public, and another that all can access!

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold