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Savage Lords91's Previously Completed Works

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    About Universes UNHINGED (A DC/Dragonball Crossover Audiobook)


    The constant planetary and galactic wars of both the DC and Dragonball universes begin to tear at Space until an enormous, unfathomably strong, and unstable blackhole cracks open.  It begins to suck both planets inward and neither the DC universe nor the Dragonball universe can stop it.  On the other side, both planets find themselves in visible distance from each other as if looking up at a gigantic moon.  They find themselves in a Space without stars and yet light illuminates upon both planets.  They are approached by an entity only known to the DC universe as a rumor and tells all of them of the destruction they have caused throughout a lifetime.  To fix the problem they have been permanently removed from time and space.  Upon attempting to pursue a battle with this entity it soon becomes clear that its power rivals even that of the Dragonball universe.  Both universes must fight together to find a way to defeat this new enemy and return their planets to their rightful places in history.


    Unlike some other project managers who could care less or do not care as much, I care 100% about this projects turnout and, therefore, am only looking for the best voices I can find who are willing to take part in this audio-book as a volunteer voice actor.  I plan on turning this into a comic later on, as well, if the project is a success.  In conclusion, the following rules and expectations apply;

    It is a MUST that you have excellent recording equipment.  Very light background noise is not a problem but if it is loud enough that it draws my attention away from your voice you will be immediately denied the role.

    Utilize the Youtube links I have provided for you to grasp an understanding of the specific voices and emotions I am looking for.  Note, however, that the lines themselves can be spoken in any of the given voice actors voices listed that I want to be portrayed.  DO NOT audition for a role until you have checked to make sure you are attempting a similar voice to at least one of them.  Any attempt to send in an audition with a voice that isn't even remotely close to what I am looking for will be immediately denied.

    Discord is available to those seeking to remain up-to-date on this project.  All you have to do is contact me directly and I will provide you with the link. Roles will be decided as time goes by and those lucky few will be given the link to Discord as well.  If, by that time, some roles are still not closed it means that none of the roles were satisfactory and they are still up for grabs. If this is the case, contact me directly and I will communicate with you through Discord in a DM and accept your auditions there.

    Each role has voice requirements that are expected to be adhered to before auditioning.  They list the names of the actors that best represent the voice we want from that character.  If it is BOLDED then that means THAT is our primary voice interest but not our ONLY interest.

    Lastly, ALL ROLES ARE SUBJECT TO RETURN in future projects that will continue upon this storyline so if you land a supporting or minor role it may be a Lead or supporting role the next time around so audition for those roles if you believe you can perfectly match their voices!


    As stated above, we take this project very seriously and need to be sure that our voice actors are capable of bringing to the audience a believable and emotional experience that will be remembered for a long time.  Thus, any voice actor chosen for a role will go through a few stages.

    STAGE 1

    Stage 1 begins when you are messaged directly to join our Discord server.  This means that we enjoyed your audition so much that we want to go over some more lines with you to better understand your vocal range and scene performance ability.  However, Stage 1 will not officially begin until ALL characters have been selected.  In the meantime, you are more than welcome to spread the word of your auditions acceptance into Stage 1. 

    STAGE 2

    Stage 2 begins once all characters have been chosen and we are ready to test each individual voice actor.  This will act like a play rehearsal and will be done in voice chat so be prepared for that and try not to be worried.  We are not an uptight group.  We want you to have fun but we also want you to perform at 110% so the last thing we want is for you to be nervous about the audition.  We will go over a few sets of lines that best portray the different emotions for the character that the voice actor has been chosen to play.

    STAGE 3

    Upon the conclusion of STAGE 2, a cast list will be placed up in the server listing all voice actors who have been chosen for their respective roles.  This is STAGE 3.  Do not be dismayed if you do not get the role.  There will, most likely, be many voice actors who are auditioning and you won't be the only one not getting the part.  Show us that you are a good sport and reflect on your experience.  Failure is not a means to giving up but rather a means to find the will to improve.  We want all of our actors to improve because one day those that we picked might have to drop out and if that ever happens we want to maintain excellence in the replacements we cast into the project.

    About the Creator: Savage_Lords91


    First off. my name is Caleb I am a Male, and I am 28 years old as of current.  

    I am new to this voice-over business but I have always wanted to be one for pretty much just about any cartoon, anime, game character, etc.  I am autistic so I feel like my voice sounds very whiny from time to time and when I listen to myself I shake my head in embarrassment at the way I sound haha.  However, my voice may be exactly what you are looking for so hit me up if you are interested.

    I can definitely attempt to pull off a more sinister voice because, to be honest, I love to act sinister and I believe I do a pretty good job of it.  I can also pull off a pretty convincing goofball who constantly gets knocked aside the head by both genders as well.

    Oh, and one last thing.  I don't have any experience in accents and the proper way to speak in such a manner but I CAN do them.  Just be warned that it may sound like I have combined two or more accents into one :D.

    I am a very talented singer as I have been raised in a very musically talented family so my voice is pretty top notch though vocal editing never did any harm seeing as you can hear flaws a lot easier in recordings than you can in person haha.  My preferred music style is upbeat rock but not too heavy.  My voice is pretty centered so I can only go so high and so low.  Go too low and I sound like a completely different person, go to high and I have to start literally screaming to hit the notes XD.

    I am an aspiring writer who has always loved creating my own stories, poems, songs, etc.  Whatever it may be, and if I have the inspiration to do it, I will write and write and write until the ideas stop coming.  However, I DO usually need a lot of wiggle room along with a good amount of editing help when it comes down to the nitty gritty.  I am really creative minded but I am limited in my knowledge of punctuation, sentence structure, and word specifics.  Usually I can  manage a great story and I can readjust pretty  quickly if something needs to be changed.  Unfortunately, I can not seem to ever get the right words down on paper.  For example, if I have to write dialog for a scientist I can easily make things up or go based off of the little bit of knowledge I have on the subject.  However, the character is going to sound pretty lame if I am not throwing in constant verbiage pertaining to the speech patterns involved in Scientific minds.

    Well, those are my gifts and flaws!  Take it or leave it haha.  Feel free to message me if you have a job for me.  I dont have any rates for work and will work for free if it is a small project but even if it is a larger project and I expect payment you can rest assure that I will work with you 100% on your budget.  Afterall, I AM just starting out and I wouldn't want to sound greedy or take advantage of your trust in my skills.  See ya around!

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