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Valix's Previously Completed Works

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    About Undertale Spirit Animals

    Hey there! Thanks for checking out this new project of mine that I'm excited to share with all of you! Please be warned, the script is far from finished! Anyways, let's get down to buisness shall we?

    What is this Project?

    This project is something fairly new, as I have very few lines written down and ready. It's more like a passion project of mine that I'm bringing to Casting Call Club and hopefully it can turn out to be something bigger. Please, don't expect pay, this is meant to again, be a passion project

    Story for This?

    It is said that at the age of 15 a monster and human would be able to bond with an animal spirit after going through a near-death situation. Incredibly rarely would one be able to bond at a age younger or older. Though that legend was long forgotten a certain few still find themselves face-to-face with a creature made of transparent colored mist resembling their coat color and striking eyes and features to match the other. To those individuals today that bonded with an animal spirit, they found out that humanity would fear them, try to kill them if they could from the immense power they gained. The powers you may ask? They could summon a weapon for one thing made of strong and brilliant material never heard of. The weapon was also synced to the others magic so it would only be usable to the one of spirit is linked to. The animal spirits even though dead, could still fight and injure someone still living not to mention they were able to grant a single wish to their partner. So one by one they disappeared and ran away from home to join an unknown cause. Most assumed they died and left it at that, nobody wanting to prove it wrong or right as they feared those special children. But on the day of July 15, a few monsters lives will be changed forever

    Any requirements or rules? Things we should know for the future?

    Yes! Actually there are


    -Please be 12+ age-wise (As I am a little older than this) if you are to addition. Anyone younger may still audition but will only be accepted if I feel their voice fits

    -Have discord! This will be everyone's main source of communication between both me and everyone else who is accepted. Put your discord in your audition please, if you don't feel comfortable doing that then private message me

    -Be able to stay patient with me and everyone else. I have barely written anything but I got a few ideas and plots in mind. Be able to stay patient with me as I promise I'll get this done eventually and everyone else as they might need some time away for personal reasons or audio might come late

    -Co-operate and communicate. Not only will you be talking and getting updates from me, you'll be able to chat with everyone else too. If you wish to drop out at any time, go on a vacation and can't record, your microphone broke, family emergency, etc, PLEASE let me know! You don't have to say anything personal, just let me know you won't be available for a while. I'll either completely understand or get worried that you suddenly disappeared

    -Even though this is just a for fun passion project please be able to commit and be serious about this! Audio/voice line deadlines will be very loose but don't hold it off for a month! I need everyone to put some effort into this!

    Things to know for the future

    -The deadline for any audio or character lines is very loose! I will wait up to 5 weeks to submit them to me or the producer before I contact you, if you can't do that then let me know and I'll be more than happy to extend it for you just please let one of us know. Animation deadline is also very loose! I understand that animation takes a long process and will extend the date if you need it. That said, when you get the role please give me an estimate to how long you think it will take to record audio, character lines, or animation

    -After we get enough people I will make a discord server for everyone! Please be respectful to absolutely everyone, I don't care that your older than someone or have more experience. If you do not feel comfortable joining the server let me know and I'll respect that wish and keep communication between just the two of us

    -I will be slow with a lot of things! I have a semi-busy life and can't always be writing constantly. Please be able to stay patient with me and I'll give you my biggest thanks. Any voice lines given to you might be later than others and I'm very sorry about that

    -Voice actors, be able to communicate with both me and the producer so that we may know if anything comes up and so you can submit any voice lines to either of us

    -Producer please let me know if anyone submits voice lines to you, thank you!

    Anyways, without further ado the open roles and such are below

    About the Creator: Valix

    Hey there! My name is Valix. What? You expecting a better name? Deal with it. I like to write a lot in my free time and create art for fun and am pretty into Undertale

    I'm young, but please for the love of God do not treat me like a child! 

    I have never managed a project before until now, so everything is quite new to me but it's a fun experience to be enjoying and I look forward to working with any of you!

    Discord: Coltex#4669

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold