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About (SEEKING PAID ARTIST. + New Role) Tybalt of the Swamp

Welcome to the Kingdom of Hollinsbury, where anyone can rise to the top, even our hero Tybalt. Once a disgraced, boozy, male escort, now the husband to the King! How did he do it? Well I guess you'll just have to watch and see.

In this story we follow Tybalt, a male prostitute residing in the oh so lovely swamps of the Kingdom. When he catches the King's eye, life gets turned upside down. He gets sent away to live in the Kingdom's Capitol. But, life amongst royals isn't all it's cracked up to be! He's got a jealous prince, a hellbent sorceress, and a major hangover standing in his way. Let's hope our little hero can make it through the day without losing his head...or worse!

Tybalt of the Swamp is a 30 minute animated adult comedy full of fun, adventure, and maybe a few pit stops to the pub on the way. I'm looking to produce a rough draft of the pilot script and need some help from all you talented people. While this is a low paying gig, I'll definitely be trying to make this into something  bigger, and will be willing to pay more if this moves forward. You all deserve to be fairly compensated for your work, and I'll do my best to see it happen!

A couple of rules.

1. The usual, have a good mic/recording equipment obviously. Hate to sound like a broken record but it has to be said.

2. Have a decent turn around time. I know we all have lives and this is an unpaid project, but I don't wanna turn to dust before I get your audio files so please please please be fairly fast with them! I promise I won't be a jerk about it! :)

3. Be okay with adult themes/cursing. This is an adult comedy after all and while the show doesn't get TOO raunchy, if you wouldn't watch an episode of Family Guy you wouldn't be a good fit. This is also a LGBT friendly project so any homophobes or what have you need not apply.

4. Be FUN! I'm looking for friendly, fun, FUNNY, people to join in on this project, If you've always wanted to do an over the top cartoon now is your chance! When auditioning make sure the fun in you jumps out!

Will definitely be updating this as we go along, probably gonna make a discord server soon and finish up character designs, but I wanted to get this out here first! Can't wait to see what you guys bring!

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold