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About Rogerhanna

My name is Roger Hanna, and I can do nothing if not brag for a few years of stage/ voice acting, a bit of writing and content creation, and SOMETIMES doing some stand up comedy. 

  • @ussramshack

    What can't he do! What started as an enthusiastic, emotionally-charged role in our project turned into commercial work, future projects, anything we can throw at him and he always comes back with unique characters, attentive adaptability, and rapid response times! A valuable connection to have.

  • @hearkenedofficial

    Roger was a phenomenal help and a great member to have on my project. Extremely talented and professional and I would highly recommend. 

  • @LemonadeFlashbang

    I love Roger- he's a fantastic and talented VA and also just an all around fun and charismatic guy. I had an absolute blast working with him, and can't wait to get the opportunity to do so again.