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Ll Lotus X's Previously Completed Works

    Voice Acting 101

    Starts Feb 4. Seats limited.

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    About The Silk Road

    As the script is being sorted, I would like for voices to accumulate, readily on standby. 

    Cast will be lightly compensated the specified amount each episode until we grow. In lou of this, artists and/or animators must be afforded as well, so do not rely on this. Actors must have a firm drive and resolve to voice the given lines with their own passion and satisfaction, in spite of rewards.


    In Los Angeles, California, at the prominent Juliet Rose Institute of Technology, ninety percent of the students enrolled are either influential heirs or modern geniuses, whilst the remaining ten percent are inducted via raffles to display courteous equality to the media in an attempt to be inclusive of lower-class fodder. In this lot of poor inductees is a homeschooled native by the name of Carmelo Creed, and his subpar intelligence leaves him swamped in the overtaxing curriculum. He is easily targeted by the malice of vain peers that rebuke the scum of poverty, and this harrassment only worsens his performance. In the following months, he would grow accustomed to his mediocre life, but that changed upon unlawful acquisition of a drive during the academy's trip to a NSA facility.

    It contained information such as keys, logs, onions and overall permissive administration for the majority of California's grid. It essentially provides access to any plausible electrical resource.

    While ideally tantalizing to the average adolescent, he soon found himself faced with the reality of the situation. He's now in the midst of narcotic trade, trafficking, and organized homicide. Tor browsers envy him and are armed to utilize any and all means to commandeer his authority, meanwhile the NSA are striving to do the same, albeit deceptively manipulating a child.

    It's safe to say that his academic scores are improving now, but at what cost? He and his family are completely vulnerable with a mere ddos, and you'd be surprised to see how far humanity will go for power.

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold