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Svva Team's Previously Completed Works

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    About Stardew Valley: Voices of the Valley (Voice-Over Mod)


    Heya! Welcome to the Casting Call Club page for the Stardew Valley mod titled Voices of the Valley! I'm Demitri - director of the project and the team I've assembled to make this mod possible. Below is information on how you can audition for roles in the project, how to contact me (hint: it's via Discord), and what you need to know before you start auditioning.       

    About Voices of the Valley

    Voices of the Valley is a Stardew Valley modding project, aiming to have voice-overs of all of the lines spoken by the 70+ characters within the game. The mod itself will have several different options for customizing what dialogue is spoken and what isn't within the mod's settings, such as toggling Heart Event dialogue on/off, which allows for a more personalized experience.

    Requirements for Auditioning

    To audition for the Voices of the Valley project, you must:

    1. Have a decent-quality audio recording setup or better. Not only does the project aim to cover all of the characters, it also aims to have good quality audio to listen to as well. If you are unsure of your audio quality meeting the standard, feel free to contact me on Discord to confirm. 

    2. Ensure that you have a Discord account. While this isn't entirely necessary if you choose to audition through this Casting Call Club page, it will become necessary if you get cast for a character.

    How to Audition

    You can submit auditions for characters directly through this Casting Call Club page, or by sending them directly to me via Discord. If you are cast for a character role, contacting me on Discord is required as organization of the project happens within the server set up for the project. The server also provides useful sources and tools for both auditioning as well as communication between members of the team. 


    1. The deadline listed on this page does not reflect an actual deadline expected for the project. It will be pushed back when needed as the casting/auditioning process continues. 

    2. If you choose to send an audition in via this Casting Call Club page first, be sure to specify if you'd like feedback from me, which I can do by commenting on your audition. 

    3. Although you are free to audition via the Casting Call Club page, it is highly recommended that you contact me on Discord and audition there as well in order to communicate properly. My UserID is Demitri#3760.


    Thank you for your time reading this page, and possibly even auditioning! This project means a lot to me so all interest and help is very appreciated. I hope to be working with you soon! ~Demitri 

    P.S. Big thanks to bwar_smalls on Discord for the assistance of setting up this page.


    One-third of the cast has been officially decided. Changes are now fully reflected within the CCC page, and Part 2 of the audition process has begun.

    About the Creator: SVVA Team

    The Casting Call Club account for the Stardew Valley voice acting mod titled "Voices of the Valley". If you're interested in joining the project, contact me on Discord: Demitri#3760

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold