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    About Sonic The Hedgehog IDW Comic Series Dub (Voice actors/actresses wanted!!)

    Hi everyone! I'm Bunnie, big lover of the Sonic franchise, which includes the IDW Sonic comics! 

    I was hoping to bring the comics to life with others by getting other amazing voices and dubbing over the comics :) I will be posting them on youtube. I always give credit where it is due, so in the description of each video, I'll happily link any 1-2 of your social medias, you just need to communicate with me about which ones.

    In addition to these dubs, if all goes well, (and if people are interested) I may also do extra things like comical or satirical parodies. Of course, all of that is in the future, for now, let's talk about this IDW dub, shall we?

    I will be voice acting for of Amy Rose, just because I love her character and also want to voice in this comic dub, but there are open spots for every other IDW character! :)

    Here are my 5 Golden Rules:

    1. You must have a good mic!

    This is really important, especially in youtube videos. Your voice also must suit the character! Good quality = Good audience!

    2. Speak with emotion!

    Honestly, nobody yearns to hear a voice actor/actress with no personality or enthusiasm. The key to having a good dub is not only to have crisp audio, but to have emotion and liveliness! 

    3. Have free time!

    This is INCREDIBLY important, if not, the most important (my timezone is Pacific Standard Time, so take that into consideration when auditioning). I'm still debating about the method I'm going to use for dubbing, whether it be through discord (or some other app, real time) or through prerecorded audio clips. This will be decided later on, I'll probably let our voice actors decide on that one. :)

    4. Be kind! 

    There's nothing more lovely than a kind and talented soul! I do not condone uncouth behavior or any sort of harassment.

    5. Patience please!

    Please be patient with me :) I am still a student, so I cannot devote all my time to responding and giving tips for auditions (even though I would SO prefer it). If I don't respond within a 24-36 hour time period though, feel free to message me! I'll respond to you as soon as I can.

    There are no age or gender requirements.

    Violation of any of these rules/requirements WILL result in disqualification of your audition!

    You can contact me through my discord:


    As a final note: I will be checking discord and casting call club every day for friend requests and auditions. If you have any tips for me, feel free to reach out, constructive criticism is always appreciated. Thank you so much, and I look forward to hearing all of your awesome impressions!!! :)

    About the Creator: happiebunnie_

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    Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold