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About LuckoDaStars

 Hello, my name is Cole Morrow aka Bold King Cole.

I am the Leader and Founder of LuckoDaStars, an entertainment group on Youtube and twitter who do Dubs, Animations, and the occasional Livestream.

I am a voice actor with Studio Level quality. I have done Voice work for about 10 + Years, and I have a vocal range that is able to go as low as a demon and able to go as high as a happy-go-lucky clown. I have done many fan projects throughout my years such as providing Voice work for the upcoming projects.

The team have been branching out trying newer and newer things so that we can help out people get the name they deserve as well as networking with others so that we can help people get into the industry, or make our own homegrown studio for original and fan projects.

The Core Philosophy in LuckoDaStars is to help People Shine like a Star and help them when they burn out. Giving guidance and making friends in the groups. We are also needing some more people to help getting some more dubs and more for the team.

  • @craftymatt

    Lux Oda Stars gave me some fun jobs to be a part of! Scripts were promptly provided and has hooked me up to other creators looking for voice work!

    Would work with again!

  • @blustudios

    Cole is a great voice actor! He voices Vector in my Sonic fan series and you would not be able to tell the difference between him and the professionals. He is great and delivers his lines on time and with sincerity to bring life to the character. I recommend him for future projects!