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About Sonic Bravestone Chronicles: Control

**Sonic Bravestone Chronicles is an alternate universe created by GlowPOP20. It follows the adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog as he comes to the aid of Saoirse Bravestone, an heiress shrouded in mystery as they team up to stop Eggman from overtaking the capital city.** 

This project's rating is PG/PG-13 for: Violence, blood, some mild language, some dark tones, and some thrills. If you think you can handle these, good. If not, I advise that you don't audition if you're not comfortable.

In this project, it takes place around the time Saoirse has been exposed to Warkiller essence and she escapes. When she comes face to face with Sonic, he ends up forced to fight her, but later calms Saoirse in an attempt to help her practice controlling her anger and her new form. But will it be enough to keep her at bay and everyone from grave danger?

Be sure to go over the lines 2-3 times so you have a better feel for the character you're auditioning for, and have fun! ^^ 

The cast is likely to expand, so please bear with me.

Extra note for the actors/actresses: If anyone has a hard time pronouncing Saoirse's name, it's pronounced either "Seer-sha," or "Sair-sha." Just do whatever makes you comfortable. ^^ 

**Please be sure to watch the info video so you have all the details you need. ☝**

About the Creator: theapplelady

Hey guys! This is GlowPOP Artisan from YouTube here to say that I am now on Casting Call Club! I've never been more excited to get started with this whole thing! :D 

I am a webcomic artist, freelancer and a storyteller as well as a beginning vocalist and VA. 💙 

So what do you normally do? 
*I voice act, draw and write stories, I've been slightly getting the hang of voice acting because I had a few friends who did that on YouTube. 

What impressions have you done? 
*Ballora (Sister Location), Longclaw (Sonic Movie), Twisted Alice (Bendy and the Ink Machine), Susie and Noelle (Deltarune) and some of my own characters as well. If my friends needed a voice, I would be more than happy to provide. 

What equipment do you use? 
*I have a Blue Snowball Microphone, and my iPad. I'm currently doing a reading series of a Bendy story right now. 

Do you think we'll see any of your voice work in the future? 
*I'll have a demo reel and some of my voice work in due time. Things have just been hectic lately. 

On that note, I may be a beginning voice actress, but really, I can only get better. ^^ 

Catch ya later, my apples! 🍎🍏

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