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    About S.D.W. (Spark: Divided Worlds) - VOICE ACTORS NEEDED (Original Animated Series)

    NOTE: DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE DEADLINE. I PLAN TO KEEP PUSHING IT BACK UNTIL I HAVE DECIDED. I have been very busy as of late planning to go to the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, and my production friend and I are saving up to get our own house so he and I can set up a music and art studio. Please do not take it personal if I cannot respond. If you would like to email me personally, you can ask me any questions at [redacted]. I have this email linked to my phone, and I always have it with me.

    Hey! I finally got around to creating a larger chunk of the soundtrack that can be previewed, check it out here! It's not going anywhere this time!



    -- There aren't many strict requirements I have, but please understand that I may reject your audition if you do not meet the following criteria: 

    -No Spam/Joke auditions please (random audio, content not pertaining to the casting call, etc.)

    -Must have a decent microphone. It doesn't matter to me if there's a slight bit of static, or if your workspace isn't completely silent. I have pretty decent audio editing software, I can get rid of any background noises. Just do your best to make it as quiet and sound-proof as you possibly can. It's okay. Different people have different house/working space environments and that's fine.

    -You must be willing to accept the fact that sometimes I may not be able to respond quickly to things. At the moment, I have many things going on in my personal life that is keeping me away from this project. Some days I might forget to check, even. But I promise you, I will respond to you as soon as I possibly can.

    -Must have Skype/Discord, or some form of group voice chatting medium so I may consult you about casting / group work. If you have a decent Group Voice Chat program other than these two that is free, I will accept that. Let me know what program you are using, so that should you be casted, I can download it and we can have communication.

    -You must be willing to work well with others and be able to advocate for yourself. I have a few friends from my old school that you will be joining should you be casted, and I am mainly looking for people with a friendly atmosphere. (Please don't take that as me saying I want you to be outgoing and super freakin' friendly to everyone. Not everyone is like that and that's fine. All I ask is you can work well with others and be respectful and courteous.)

    **Please note: I expect only those who are willing to put their very heart and soul into these characters. There's going to be scenes where a character could be bawling their eyes out, screaming in a furious rage, shouting, laughing like a maniac, and I plan for the first few Season Endings to feature singing from the five main characters. I need to put myself to those standards as well, as I am voicing the main character, Spark. This story means more than the world to me, and I need all of you to help me bring it to life. However, I'm not trying to pressure anyone into anything. I just want you guys to have fun, and put your heart into these characters. Thank you.**

    "Spark: Divided Worlds" is a story that i've been brewing up for six years now, it started in the seventh grade of middle school. The story genre is mainly sci-fi, action, and adventure. It takes place on a distant, humanoid planet called Kaiyon, (Kai- Sounds like 'pie' and then just... well, 'on' ...great now I want pie) and revolves around a seventeen year old boy named "Spark", and his adventures. 

    The Kaiyonian race once had element based powers called "Spirit Abilities". From birth, a user will take interest in a certain element, such as fire, wind, electricity, water, etc, and may gain abilities to conjure/control this element. These powers were used through silver wrist rings called "Spirit Rings", they are made of a metal that can channel the energy within a person.

    There's two types of energy a person can emit, The base energy that lies within all Kaiyonians, called "Spirit energy", energy that can be charged either positive, neutral, or negative depending on how the user wishes to control it, hence the name "Spirit" energy, or, if a user has a Spirit Ability, the other energy would simply be the energy of whatever element that person has as a power.

    Due to the planet exploiting too much of its resources, the planet is on the verge of withering away, and dying. Almost all plants, trees, and wildlife is gone, except for one island in the southwest hemisphere of Kaiyon named "Palm Beach Island". Because of this, a worldwide organization called Comeva Corporation, or Conservation Of Materials, Energy, and Vital Artifacts, has restricted certain territories from being harvested, mined, etc for any naturally occuring resources. Long ago, a war was fought over the over-industrialization of the world and the destruction of the plant life around Kaiyon. The Ayan tribe, or otherwise known as the residents of Palm Beach, wanted to preserve their home and stop the spread of industrialization and new technologies from invading their island. The war was fought from two sides: Technilogical fighters, those using technology, VS Spirit warriors, those using their Spirit Abilities for combat. The Ayan tribe won the war, pushing away the other continents around the world. Since then, a treaty was signed stating that no one shall touch any of the natural plant life, wildlife, and resources on Palm Beach Island, in hopes to keep the last remaining 'green' continent alive. People also stopped using their Spirit Abilities after this war, since it was a time of peace, and no combat was required. Because of this, over time, the ability for Kaiyonians to have Spirit abilities has since nearly vanished. Up to now, Spark, and a few others are rare cases of people still having elemental based powers. When an ability is selected for a person, an all black symbol representing both the user an their energy appears on their forehead, and is to remain their personal identity forever. These are called Spirit Symbols. Because of Westward Island, Spark's home, and all other places in the world being practically nothing else but a dust bowl, Spark has a dream of visiting Palm Beach Island one day to see just how different it is. But when a high-end representative of Comeva Corp. sends the organization into a downward spiral in a wicked quest for power, Spark finds himself wound up in the chaos, and this event threatens the very existence of the planet as we know it... 


    -PLANET KAIYON (The name of the world this story takes place in.)

    -WESTWARD ISLAND (Spark and his family's home continent, and also the location of Comeva Corporation's World Headquarters. All grass, plantlife and forests have disappeared, and apart from roads and old cities, the entire continent is mainly dust and sand.)

    -PALM BEACH (The smallest continent, and also the last remaining continent on Kaiyon with plants, grass, vegetation and wildlife of any kind. It is Aqua's home, and the place of Spark's dreams. It's a beautiful tropical setting with many small villages scattered across the island, mountains, forests, and waterfalls.)

    -THE LAWLESS ZONE (A large, arid strip of land in the southeastern hemisphere of Kaiyon that isn't run by any government. Bandits and the like come here to do all kinds of criminal activity, getting away with doing anything they please.)

    -HONOLOA ARCTIC GLACIERS (The giant arctic shelf located at the south pole. Many villages have set up here to live away from all the dust. Aqua will use these glaciers to train her newfound water-based Spirit Ability.)

    -COMEVA CORPORATION TOWERS (The birthplace of Amgine's reign of terror, and the unfortunate place of death for Spark's parents. Amgine takes the newly overthrown headquarters and posts HALE robots (Harvest All Life Energy), military combat bots, all over the place to guard every square inch of the tower, and kill every intruder on sight. They also scower the planet to take any remaining Spirit Energy eminating from the souls that have long since passed, and any eminating from the planet's core. This tower will be a pivoting point for the story.

    -THE VOID (An otherworldly infinite plain of white nothingness where the souls of the deceased reside. Based on how you lived your life, you can either have full control of The Void, being able to conjure up imaginary scenes and settings as if they were real, and get to be with other deceased souls of those you loved, or you're stuck alone in a never-ending white space of nothing, forever, your soul constantly withering away llike that of a decaying body, until you are nothing. And even then, you will still be stuck in the Void.)

    About the Creator: lbprox25

    Hey there! My name is Alex Ray, I'm a 20 yr/o video gamer who's passionate about making music. Voice acting isn't my first/strongest talent, music is, however I wish to improve my skills as a VA and possibly have it as a professional skill. If you'd like to hear some of the music I make, you can hear a selection of my work here! 

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