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About Edelweiss || Science-fiction, horror, fantasy podcast seeking voice actress

I'm finally producing a story I've been working on for several years, and I've decided to podcast it. The story takes place primarily in an underground city that is advanced in technology and computing. She is a programmer in a position of nobility within the city. The story is about her downfall and simultaneous grappling with her loyalties and beliefs, and alcoholism. The story is told through the main character, Wolf's, voice diary. 

The story is a mixture of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. 

I am casting for long-term in a biweekly podcast. I am in the Chicago area, but you don't need to be since we can work via messaging and skype. I will likely run the pilot with you a few times to adjust my writing to your voice before releasing. We are in progress. Pay is negotiable (probably about 35-50 per episode for the first 10 episodes or so). It may not be much in the beginning, but as I expand, I will up the pay per episode. I want to have a voice actress be with us from the beginning. I am working for free right now, but I don't expect you to. :)

I am a recently graduated fiction writer. This is my first podcast, though I have been an editor for a literary magazine and have had fiction and poetry publications. This particular project is near and dear to my soul and I am ecstatic to move forward on it.

There is an end in mind to the story. However, I plan to be producing it for a number of years since the original idea was for the story to be a novel trilogy. I will have other voice casting during this time, and even a few instances when another character has their own episode. I don't want to recast Wolf during this time unless it is necessary. Please be aware of the commitment if the podcast takes off. No matter what, I am planning to broadcast for a year, or at least a "season one." If at the end of that year or season, our only audience is my mother, I will cancel it. I am optimistic though. My mother is good at advertising.

Summary of plot:

Edelweiss is a story about loyalty and identity. It takes place in a universe where magic exists and technology is seen as corrupt. 

Fifty two years ago, an alchemist named Arderr developed a new electric element, Chrodon. The element enabled rapid technology production that had never been seen before in the world. And as we all know, what isn't understood is often feared. The king of Eskor immediately called for the execution of any inventor found to be developing with Chrodon. 

The hunt raged until Arderr used his magic to create a cavern underground where a series of architects and inventors were able to create the underground city of Pompartha. The rebel city. The king searched for the city but could never find it. He eventually passed away and left the crown to his son, Prince Vinsent, who kept his father's ways and the cycle began again. 

The people of Pompartha have forgotten what the real sun is like under their computer generated sky programmed by Wolf, an orphan from Eskor who was taken in fifteen years ago. A girl who tried to bring the sky and the ground into one and created the Database, a system that brought the underground city together in one smooth line, with her mentor, Kingfisher. 

But the city was never built to last. 

 And one day the Database dies and the underground sky disappears. This is Wolf's story. A story of betrayal, conspiracy, princesses and pirates--it is a story of voice, her voice. 

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