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About alexabaczak

I am a 23 year old fiction writer working in Chicago, IL.  I graduated from SIUC in creative writing and anthropology in May 2016.

I have been writing most of my life and it is all I have ever truly imagined myself doing, besides archaeology of course. I decided to gravitate towards full-time writing shortly after graduation. 

I am currently working on a science fiction podcast titled Edelweiss, about an underground city that began out of rebellion. I worked on it as a novel for 6 years before "discovering" audio drama and deciding to go down that route instead with it. 

Apart from the work in my profile, I finished a novella for my senior thesis about the Incan Empire in a horror setting. Unfortunately, I never published it and I deliberately put it down.

My profile image is my bird, Ziggy. She eats the keys off of my keyboard and that is symbolic somehow.