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About SAKURA [ Naruto The Project ] The Third Casting Call! -MAIN CHARACTER RECASTS and other roles-


Sakura the Naruto Project is a multi series project centered around the Naruto franchise. As the scope of the project grows larger, so must it's cast, and so I once again come to enlist VA's for the project for the third time. However, this is mostly for extras and characters that exist in flashback. Only a few of the characters that are open for casting will become important later on in the series.

You don't need to sound exactly like a character (if this character is from the original series). I am more focused on acting ability than impressions, though a good blend of both will be considered a bonus.

There may be some roles added or cast before the due date, depending on necessity.

A knowledge of Naruto is not necessary to audition, however, you must be open to learning the proper pronunciation of certain terms after being cast.


The project is slated to last several years, and so long term commitment is required. Scripts are released once a month (though occasionally, there may be a second deployment) and range between 2 - 4 episodes. The script pages are an average of 30 - 40 pages, though depending on the plot of the episode, this number may be higher or lower. Highest thus far has been 66 pages, and lowest 22.

Episodes are scripted by two people, and edited by one. For this reason, episodes are currently being recorded and written ahead of schedule. We plan to do the same with editing, but it is being done at a slower pace, for obvious reasons. After a good portion have been completed, there will be a timed release schedule estimated to be once every two weeks. 


In this series, the original narrative is changed with a single choice that occured before the beginning of the series. It is a retelling that follows a grittier storyline and eventually veers off into it's own timeline.  This is the main series of the Sakura project and will be guaranteed to have two parts (original and 'Shippuden'), with a possible third. 


In this series, we follow a brand new story in the Boruto timeline in which Sarada Uchiha is the main character. It is completely unrelated to and will not include any elements of the new Generations manga or animated series. This is a secondary series in the Sakura project that will not have a planned scheduled script release until part 1 of Naruto Tensei is complete. However, the occasional script may be released before then.


Every once in a while, an animatic or other 'one off' audio drama may be scripted and released. These have solo plots that may be tied to the original Naruto series, Tensei, or any other Naruto related property.


There are other things in the works such as an abridged series and another audio drama in the works. However, their development schedule is currently unknown.


We are 18 episodes (written, 15 recorded) into Naruto Tensei, and 1 (written) into Sarada Chronicles, with an Animatic, Manga Dub, and Fandub (mostly recorded) also on the way.

Episode 2, Part 1 of Naruto Tensei can be found here.

A Sample Script (Naruto Tensei, Episode 14)  can be found here (excuse pdf conversion errors).


  • × If accepted, you must be able to complete your lines within the deadline. While we accept the occasional lateness, constant excuses and a lack of consistency is unacceptable. If you are unable to continue in the role you are assigned, please message me so that we may find a replacement. Lack of communication in such cases = termination.

  • × Due to the type of characters that will be casted this go around, there might not be something for you every month. In such cases, you may be assigned to an extra character.

  • ×  You may be asked to replace a role (as an extra, understudy, or otherwise) depending on skill and how many characters you play. This is standard before a casting call is placed for any particular character.

  • × Updating me on availability is important, as it allows me to see who is capable of completing their lines at any point.

  • × Reading through the whole script is only necessary if you are a lead or character heavily featured in the episode. Otherwise, simply read the scene for context before recording.

  • × Your opinion or input on the process of the project may be asked at any point, as feedback is important to the development of the multiple series that are being planned.


Good quality Mic: Minimal background noise and loud, crisp sound is required. An echo is highly undesirable and should be minimized as well.

Commitment: For reasons stated above, this is pivotal to the continuation of this project.  Communication is also key.

Agreement to the Terms: Gotta read it, gotta know it, gotta know what you're signing up for. If you agree to everything said above and below, please say, "You're listening to the Sakura Project" in your character's voice at the beginning of the audition.  Added March 29th, 2017.  Any auditions turned in beforehand are exempt.

Acting ability: You must be able to give the correct emphasis to words and otherwise understand how deliver a line in the given emotion properly. Most series are audio only, and as such, voice and acting is the focus. An inaccurate voice within audition is entirely forgiven if you can fit a character and depict them well.

Skype: Most of the work in this series is sent out and discussed over skype in group chats (there is one for casual discussion and work only discussion). Due to the size of the group, it is most preferable to do business there. It is easy to overlook a member by mistake if everyone has different forms of communication (CCC, Email, Discord, etc).


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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold