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Chantelturner's Previously Completed Works

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About Retreat (Found Audio Podcast)


Thank you for all the wonderful submissions. It has really been difficult to narrow down the casting, so please be patient with us. 

We are adding an additional role for the first episode. More roles may become available as additional episodes are written.

The deadline for casting this project has been extended as we continue to flesh out the remaining episodes. 

Thanks so much, everyone!

Retreat is an experimental Found Audio Podcast. 

The dialogue should have an improvisational and natural feel, so you don't need to be word-perfect on the script. You read should be as close to the script as possible, but realistic conversational sound is paramount. 

**Audition Instructions**: 

Because the found audio is supposed to have been recorded on a vintage mini-tape recorder, should you be cast, you'll need to know how to record on a smartphone voice memo app and upload the audio to me through either email or a google drive. The script sometimes contains specific directions on when to physically back off the mic and when to move back on, so I'd like you know how to ride your mic/recording device. Whether recording with a mic or smartphone, please make sure the words are clear and free from background noise. 

I am myself a voice actor, narrator and writer. While I have acted on audio dramas, this is my first time producing one. 

Good luck and I look forward to hearing what you do!

About the Creator: chantelturner

Chantel Turner


I am a professional trained Actor, Narrator, and Voice Over Artist based in Austin, TX. 

Previous Experience:



St. Mark Preschool                          “Fall Special”                                  Radio

Main Event Catering                       “Banquet Rooms”                            Radio

North Dakota Center for Nursing    “Giving Hearts Day”                       Television

Pets Unleashed                                  “Companions”                                Television




A Voice From Darkness            Amanda                                 Audio Drama/Podcast
Spoof Noir                                 Emma Genius                       Audio Drama/Podcast

Belling the Cat                             Narration                By Chandra Martin                           

Love Letters                                 Narration                By Rabiosa Kar

Broken Mind                                Narration                By Rabiosa Kar

The Secret to Wealth, Vol II         Narration                By Lisa Cavendar

The Bittersweet Song of Canary  Narration                By Matthew Fish

BLOODSISTERS                        Narration                By John Russo         

Healers Cosmetics TV                 VO                          Promotional Video

i-lit ELL                                       VO                          Promotional Video

Sparkle Data Management          VO                           Promotional Video

Nina Jean Louis Mission             VO                           Promotional Video

WaterPlus Supplements               VO                           Promotional Video

Hansen Mechanical                     VO                           Industrial Training

Dynalectric Construction             VO                           Industrial Training

Mars Food                                    VO                           Agile Practices Training

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