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  • @j-marcos

    IMShadow007 recently voiced one of my characters in an animation tutorial I made. She’s very talented, her audio recordings are of very good quality, and she replied quickly whenever we had to discuss work. I look forward to working with her again in future projects.

  • @jae_makes_animations

    Imshadow007 has an air of professionalism about her work. She voiced two characters in a Christmas Animatic, and easily brought to life two distinct voices and personalities consistently. Dedicated and throughout, she recorded several takes of each line all to an amazing quality. She easily tackled emotional scenes in a way that felt natural and effortless. From despair to sorrow,  joy and elation. She delivered her lines before the deadline and in the correct format.

    It's been a great pleasure working with her, and I recommend her greatly.

  • @thewolfjarl

    She's been a big help to me on my path at trying to break into the art of voice-overs. (You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.) Plus I can't really say anything other than she's talented. Followed/viewed many things she's a part of.

  • @cloudy_puff

    It was great working with Nicolle! I needed some lines for my animated short and she was always available and recorded some really amazing work! Really lovely to work with, Thanks again! 

  • @almibui

    I have only worked with imshadow007 once, but I would do it again in a heart beat. She is quick to reply, professional, and fun to interact with. Live sessions with her go smoothly as she leaves a positive tone with the group. I would recommend her her skills and personality.

  • @toxicure

    Quickly delivers lines,  and puts everything into her performance. A pleasure to work with and animate. Great at following direction!

  • @socalashez

    A lot goes in to picking a voice actor for a Main Character in a Video Game that is based on a DND campaign. We spent time and narrowed down exactly how we wanted the character to sound and then in comes imshadow007 who took what we wanted and then made it her own, adding so much passion and feel into each line. The audition was good, of course we picked them over all the others, but the acting that came AFTER was EXCEPTIONAL! If you are looking for someone who will make the character their own and be as dedicated to giving multiple takes for each line, you will find no better VA than imshadow007! 

  • @omeganixdev

    Great voice, good performance, intonation and recording quality, fast response and delivery time, exceeded my expectations. You're looking at a good Voice Actress here with a promising future hopefully. Very pleased to be working with you ^^

  • @cheeclay

    Provides clear and clean audio for their work (which a big plus for those searching for professional work). Also replies swiftly and is very understanding when it comes to changes in projects or just general feedback!

  • @faith-arts

    I have worked with her a couple of times, and she always does a great job. She can cover a wide range of characters and is quick to respond. She played two characters for me and still managed to get the lines done quickly.

  • @sally_basler

    IMShadow007 does an amazing job as Lettuce in my animated series, "Bobby and His Nightmares". Her lines were delivered with fabulous energy and great audio quality! She had just the voice we were looking for and has certainly brought a great deal of character to her role. Highly recommend!

  • @sophiaisbackya

    Hey, you are the most amazing actor i ever seen in my life!