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Theforeverwarriorcat's Previously Completed Works

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    About Project-XII Casting Call

    About Project-XII

    In the year of 2000, there lies a scientific laboratory, Lilatic Labs, that specifically lied in an unknown area of America near the city of Chicago, Illinois. They specialized in animal mutation research with all sorts of odd and never seen creatures from the infamous Bigfoot to Aliens to mixed hybrids of other animals or just plain animals themselves. The scientist who were studying the genetics and odd power these animals were given, created mutated humans. Stealing them from their own parents as infants or basically being given as volunteers. Manipulating their DNA, they became hybrid anthros of these odd creatures or basic everyday animals such as ears, tail, patches of scales or fur, animal-behaviors etc etc. Oddly, they had special powers such as elemental manipulations or animal weapons such as snake venom or a cheetah's speed. Hundreds of these anthros were put to sleep in chambers until they were ready to wake up. Only three remained awake. Many had died or were tossed away 

    The scientist kept their studies on these anthros giving them numbers and names. The experimented humans became just science masterpieces for the scientist. They didn't treat them right. A group formed called Agents of the Eternal Force. For short, they called themselves Agents, members of the alliance. In charge of this group were three Agents, Lauren, Devin, and Scar. There they lead the group to train their powers and become savage beast for the American Government to use for the military. Trained to kill, they learned savage techniques of death even ancient arts that were forgotten. In the year of 2019, Devin and Lauren became tired of the savage life style and became hateful towards human kind. So they escaped the facility while releasing the mutated creatures all over Chicago and the surrounding area. Soon in three years the whole city of Chicago became a barren wasteland filled with these creatures. Humans had to flee or go into hiding. It became too dangerous for any of them to go outside. Lilatic Lab's scientist were mostly killed by the mutantions, the creatures loose in the city, or killed by Devin and Lauren.  

    The Agents of the Enternal Force was left with one leader to lead it. Scar rose with two new leader, LeeAnn and Kai Nakamura. They were set on stopping Devin and Lauren as well turning Chicago back to the way it was. Now in the year of 2025, Agents are being trained by the three leaders to hone their skills and try to bring back their world to safety.


    Modern Fantasy/Sci-fi


    Motion Comic/ Visual Radioplay

    Note: There is some cursing involved with the script!

    About the Creator: theforeverwarriorcat

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