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About Project Infinity (Youtube Series) New Role

Welcome to the casting call for MLA Entertainment's web series, Project Infinity. It is the sixth series I've produced and is my largest scale project to date. Over two years of preparation were required before casting began in 2018. Two seasons are currently planned with 25-30 minute episodes. We have 4 episodes left of our 13 episode first season. Please note that the voice actors' workload is extremely light. In fact, recording only happens every couple of months or so. However, the series will take a year or two to complete so, for consistency purposes, only audition if you can stick with a long term project. I am not offering pay at this time however once the series is released, all the actors will be given a spotlight video to allow them to plug themselves and talk about their work. The series is on Youtube. It is live action in format but dolls are used for the actors. Dolls have NOTHING to do with this show other than being the actors just as puppets are used in stop motion so please don't let this be a turn off. This show's story is serious and extremely well planned so it will appeal to a large audience. The cast is incredible as well.
I am looking for not just people who have good microphones and voices but frankly, people who have real acting chops. I am looking for the best so please read the following information before going out for this project.
1. You must have a great quality microphone capable of handling yelling and screaming or you will not even be considered.
2. YOU MUST BE COMMITTED since this project could take around 2 years to fully complete. Remember though that recording times are sporadic and not big time commitments in the least. If you don't think you'll be voice acting in a year DO NOT waste my time by auditioning. Continuity is important to me with this series and replacing actors would take away from the project.
3. BE PUNCTUAL AND EASY TO COMMUNICATE WITH! Anyone who misses deadlines will be named and shamed within the group. I understand that life happens and I'm reasonable as long as you COMMUNICATE and let me know what's going on. I'm sick of actors vanishing out of the blue or being lazy and taking weeks and weeks to send in their lines. This WILL NOT be tolerated and will result in your replacement if the problem persists. I'm not paying you to do this, I understand, but if you agree to take on a role I expect you to honor your commitment and have responsibility because a lot is being put into this show.
4. NO TROLLS ALLOWED I don't want trouble makers or people who speak rudely with profanity in this group. I don't curse and I'm not into trashy stuff so if you are cast, let's keep it classy. I'm actually not a stick in the mud, I just don't like that stuff. Also, do not critique or harshly judge the people in this cast. It will be for me to decide what needs to be improved or not.
5. Be active on skype or email! This goes back to my third point. Each episode will take awhile to complete but when the time comes to record lines for a new episode, I expect you to get to it and meet your deadline. 
2. Here's how these auditions will work. Each line will determine what I need to know about you. (1) The first line is to showcase the overall sound of your voice in a neutral delivery, (2) the second line will showcase your acting ability, and (3) the third line will showcase your ability to yell and how well your microphone tolerates yelling which is very important for this show.
3. GO FOR IT. I want you to bring everything you've got and really make the characters come alive. Great acting is essential. If I want to hear an alternate interpretation, I will inform you.
1. If you get cast, I will ask you to add me on Skype or send a confirmation email to begin discussions. I will tell you more about your role and help you prepare for it. I won't bug you though once you've got everything sorted and a good understanding of your role. If you have Skype, you will be added to a group that will comprise of the other actors as well. 
2. You will be given your lines for the current episode.
3. Each episode takes an enormous amount of work to complete so don't think the project is dead when several weeks have passed after you've recorded. I always complete my Youtube series (this is my sixth).
It takes place far into the future where the world has become one big nation called the Union. The leader believes in maintaining peace and order by means of communism and terrorism. The story follows a teenager named Gun Lambton whose mother was killed by the Union.  He joins a small resistance force in hopes of confronting the guy in charge and getting revenge. That's the basic premise but there are A LOT more layers to it.

That's it for the gloomy rules and info I need to cover! My name is Keiko, and I will be in charge of this project. I can't wait to hear your auditions! We're a happy family at MLA Entertainment and look forward to having you join us! Have fun and thank you for your interest!
SKYPE: keiko.va

About the Creator: keikova

My name is Keiko. I am a voice actress with over 10 years of experience.

I've also written, produced, and directed award-winning original projects for over 10 years. 

Anime & Animation

Gunbuster Studio Tsukii - Kazumi Amano (2015)

Hyouka CubeDubs - Eru Chitanda (2015-present)

One Week Friends CubeDubs - Kaori Fujumiya (2016)

Winx Club HarmonyMe - Stella (2016-2017)

FairyDub WinxClubStrengthOfLife - Aisha (2016-2017)

Sailor Moon Crystal Yuri Tsukito - Queen Beryl (2018-present)

Bleach CubeDubs - Karin, Tatsuki (2017-present)

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Marshallpunk2018 - Android 18 (2018)

Rose Crescent SmolCherrie - Davy (2019)

Sailor Moon FIghter4luv Fandubs - Queen Beryl, Bamu (TBA)

The Girl on Dingstreet Toonfan - Isabelle (TBA)

Video Games/ Visual Novels

Persona Games Brooklyn Dizzy - Fuuka Yamagishi, Tomoe (2016-present)

Project X Zone Brooklyn Dizzy - Sakura, Hibana (2016-present)

Guilty Gear Xrd Brooklyn Dizzy - Jack-O (2016-2017)

Blaz Blue SyreneFaroreVA - Bullet, Litchie (2017)

Fire Emblem Fates/ Heroes Brooklyn Dizzy - Anna, Queen Mikoto (2017)

Undernight Inbirth SolStrifeVA - Hilda, Yuzuriha (2017)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Aarlyn Adams - Professor McGonagall (2017) 

Dangranronpa 2 SolStrifeVA - Sakura Ogami (2018)

Soul Calibur OC Battles uchihakiller08 - Mako, Carolin (2018)

Fire Emblem Warriors SolStrifeVA - Cordelia (2018)

Undernight Inbirth Uchihavip10 - Hilda (2018)

Arcana 3: Love Max!!!!! Uchihavip10 - Ragnarok (2018)

Undernight Inbirth Marquille Hawkins - Hilda (2019)

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax SolStrifeVA - Kirino Kosaka (2019)

Skullgirls SolStrifeVA - Peacock (2019)

Ace Attorney SolStrifeVA - Wendy Oldbag (2020)

Sakura Wars 2020 Trailer SolStrifeVA - Sakura Amamiya (2020)

Far Cry 3 SolStrifeVA - Daisy (2020)

Comics/ Other Original Works

Pokemon X Fairytale ItsRitchieW - Wendy Marvel (2015)

Sally and Chica Sally and Chica - Lily, Various  (2015-present)

Ties of Fate Harmony Net Studios - Grace (2015-2018)

Dragon Ball Beyond Kyaroli - Android 18 (2018)

Project Infinity MLA Entertainment - Violet Stanhope, Blythe (2018-present)

Kingdom of the Tiger Ryan Meade - Kiara, Mileena (2018)

Ball World Nate Fernandez - Pauline (TBA)

Sand Hill & Western Ballast Scorcher Studios - Chloe the Climax (TBA)

Scooby Doo Stop Motion The S Man - Velma Dinkley (2019)

Housepets! Comic Voice Over dyno8man - Grape Jelly Sandwich (2020)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: IDW Season 4 YamatoGuru - Beth O'Neal (2020)

Helltaker Comic Dubs Jolibe Arts - Cerberus (2020)

Valorant Comic Dub CrystalBlitz - Jett (2020)

Avatar the Last Airbender Comic Dub Jolibe Arts - Azula (2020)

Alfairiem CB Studios - Officer (2020)

And many, many more...

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